Ella Bache Products Review

I have been visiting my local Ella Bache Salon and using their products for 5 years now so i believe I have developed a well rounded view of products that i love and some that i don’t particularly care for. It was at Ella Bache that I had my skin analysed for the first time, where i found out that i had combination skin: a dry forehead, an oily nose and chin and normal cheeks. From this they began to recommend products to suit my skin type.

The Emulsion Jojoba Moisturiser – 10ml – $83

This is one of my favourite products. It’s a very thick moisturiser which is ideal for applying in the evenings right after a shower or before bed. It always leaves my skin feeling so hydrated and healthy the next day. I wouldn’t recommend wearing it under makeup as it is a bit too thick but i have found that it’s great for travelling as it is only 50ml so it can be taken on the plane, and it keeps your skin hydrated. At $1.66 per millilitre it is a very pricey product, however it does last a long time as you only need a pea size amount. If this product is within your price range, i highly recommend it. However, if it isn’t, I’m sure you can find something similar for a lower cost.

Creme Douce Demaquillant (a cream cleanser) – 210ml  – $70  

(Sorry i don’t have a photo because i finished the bottle)

Upon having my skin diagnosed, i was recommended to use a cream cleanser instead of a foaming cleanser as it would be more gentle on my skin. Since using this cleanser, i haven’t been able to go back to a foaming cleanser as i feel like i can feel it stripping my skin (even if it’s not). Going from a foam to a cream cleanser is definitely something to get used to as at first, it doesn’t feel like your face is being cleaned as it doesn’t lather. But as i said, now i can’t go back. However, since finishing my first bottle of this product I haven’t gone back as i found that the Sukin cream cleanser does the exact same job, just as well and is only $9.95 for 125ml. It also smells the exact same!

Masque Soir de Fete – 75ml – $62

This mask is easily my favourite mask out of the 3 that i’ve tried, 90% because i like the feeling of wrinkling my skin once it has dried, 10% because i love how my skin looks and feels afterwards. I especially enjoy using this mask right after a Biore nose strip to unclog my pores so that the mask can really clear out my skin.

Hydra-Revitalising Repair Balm – 75ml – $83

Now this is a mask that I always find myself using as a moisturiser when I am in a hot and dry climate so that my face can stay moisturised throughout the day. This is another product that would be great for taking with you on a plane. This isn’t a mask that i use on the regular whilst at home, but i do love it while i travel.

Energising Creme Masque – 75ml – $68 

Although this mask is very nice, i find that just don’t reach for it at much. This mask can be used around the eyes and lips as it doesn’t harden like the Masque Soir de Fete. It is designed for “fragile or mature skin” hence I’d recommend the other mask much more.

Revitalising Fruit Enzyme Exfoliant – 75g – $73

This exfoliator is definitely something to get used to and practise using as it comes in a powder form that you then mix with water to create a paste. I find that it’s a very nice gentle exfoliant that i like to use every few days, especially after working all day.

Revitalisant – 110ml – $60


I thoroughly enjoy using this exfoliant on a weekly basis as it really rejuvenates my skin and makes my face feel so smooth afterwards. I do warn however, it has a very strong smell that makes my eyes water, I don’t really mind it though but others might.

Hulle aux Fleurs Floral Oil – Body Cleanser – 500ml – $72

I have very dry skin especially on my legs and i love using this body oil as a cleanser. There is a noticeable difference in my skin after each shower as i can feel the moisture in my legs. The oil smells amazing as it is a blend of floral oils including rose, ylang ylang, patchouli and jasmine. I highly recommend this product to anyone with extremely dry skin.

Ella Bache is quite an expensive brand and although i thoroughly enjoy their products, I am confident that you could find dupes for most of them in the drugstore.
Ella Bache products can be bought from their website, in a salon or from David Jones in Australia.

Let me know if you’ve tried these any Ella Bache products, what your thoughts are or if you’ve found dupes!


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