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My Beach Essentials

Fun fact about me: I freaking LOVE the beach!

My Local Beach ❤

I’ve lived a short walk from the beach for the vast majority of my life and now I can’t imagine living anywhere else. I love how calming it is to be there on the sand, in the waves or just floating on the still water. It also sparked up my love for snorkelling and fishies. In my time of going to the beach almost every day of the summer, I have gathered a list of beauty(ish) related beach essentials and with summer coming up (in the southern hemisphere), I thought I’d share them.

So let’s start with the basics. Sunscreen is a necessity. My favourite sunscreen to use is the LeTan Coconut Lotion in SPF 30+ or 50+. This has been the only sunscreen that I’ve used for a few years now as I  love the coconut smell rather than the typical “sunscreen smell”. It comes in a pump bottle, spray bottle and a squeeze bottle and I’d highly recommend using the squeeze bottle as it’s less likely to mess in your bag, easier to apply when it’s running low and sand doesn’t get all over the opening.

I like to use a separate sunscreen for my face as the skin on my face is far more sensitive. Instead, I use the Ella Bache “Great 50+ Facesaver Active” (I forgot to mention it in my previous Ella Bache post). It doesn’t feel greasy at all and it doesn’t have any kind of smell. The cream itself looks tinted but doesn’t show any tint when applied onto the skin and blends in to be translucsnet.

Lastly, it’s super important to use a lip balm with SPF in it as lips can get burnt too and it really hurts! So I just use the EverySun Everyday Aquasport lip balm that is SPF30, water resistant and helps repairs sunburnt lips.

Aloe Vera Gel
So this is something that i use after i come home from the beach and shower. The Aloe Vera plant has amazing healing properties and is so great to put on your skin after you’ve been out in the sun all day, particularly if you’re sun burnt. It’s also extremely moisturising for skin that has been dried out my the sun. According to Google it also treats acne, fights aging, lessens the visibility of stretch marks, it’s nutrient rich for good health, it soothes in periodontal disease and aids in digestion. Who knew.
I use the Banana Boat “Aloe Aftersun Gel” by lathering it all over my body after I shower.

Bug Repellant
So i live in Australia, and we a currently experiencing a bug epidemic- more so than usual. Hence, bug repellent at the beach is a must as there are flies all day and mosquitos all night. I sometimes use the Aeroguard: Tropical Strength, but the best thing to use is Bushman repellent which has an ingredient called “Deet”. I used Deet when i went to Vietnam and Cambodia to avoid Malaria so i know that it works. It’s so strong that you can’t apply it to your face and you can’t apply it with your hands, you have to use your wrists just in case you touch your face with you hands.

Body Mist
This isn’t something that I necessarily take to the beach, but I definitely put it on beforehand. My favourite body mist, particularly for the summer time is Victoria’s Secret Coconut Passion mist. It smells exactly like summer. It’s super sweet and coconutty with slight fruity scent as well. I take it with me on all of my summery holidays so now every time i spray it, i get flashbacks of memories from Europe, Mexico or Bali.

Duh. Need I say more? It’s so important to protect your eyes from the sun and possibly from sand on the windier days (I’ve definitely experienced this). They’re also an awesome accessory that can be changed up so easily to completely recreate a look. Especially as you’re unlikely to be wearing makeup to the beach (maybe some waterproof mascara), sunnies are great to help you feel more put-together.

I love wide-brimmed hats, not only for the sun protection but also because I love the classic, vintage look that comes with it. I’m actually in need of a new one as mine has gone around the world with me and after being shoved into a suitcase so many times, the brim doesn’t really stay up.

Well this is an obvious one.
My favourite swimwear brand of all time is Seafolly. Prior to my first Seafolly swimsuit, I’d buy new bathers every year and by the end of the summer, they’d be completely worn out. I’ve had my first Seafolly bikinis for 5 years now and they’re still in perfect condition. They haven’t stretched, the colour hasn’t faded and nothing has torn, or come apart. I LOVE THEM!!!!

I hope you’ve found this post helpful maybe if you’re going on a beach trip/holiday or learnt of some new products that could be of use to you. Please let me know what you beach or pool essentials are in the comments.


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