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NYX Lip Products: A Review and Comparison

I’m fairly new to any of NYX’s products however since trying out some of their lip products in August, I have definitely developed a liking for them. Keep in mind that these are drugstore products so as much as I love them, I know there are better options out there but at double the cost.

NYX Lip Lingerie Liquid Lipstick
I really enjoy the Lip Lingeries as they are super pigmented and long wearing. They dry matte and do not smudge. It’s only when eating or drinking (oily foods in particular) that a little will come off from the inner parts of my lips. They’re not overly sticky however a sticky-ness is still there and they do have a bit of a chemical smell, I don’t mind it though. The wand is like a flat doe foot applicator which I find really easy to work with and apply the lipstick with. They do dry out my lips a bit (as all liquid lipsticks do), but I always use lip balm underneath and after I take it off at night which helps. Warning: Do Not layer up this lipstick. It’ll start to crumble and feel really uncomfortable on your lips.
RTP: $14.95


Push Up
This shade is my ideal nude shade (keeping in mind I have an olive-ish skin tone). It’s perfect for daily wear as it’s not dark at all and can match almost any makeup look. The website describes it as a “brown spice pink”.

Ruffle Trim

This shade has to be one of my favourites. I can only describe it as a rusty nude colour so it’s slightly darker than Push Up.  NYX describes it as “cinnamon pink”. Read more here!

This shade is like a darker pink which NYX describes as “warm mahogany red”. I absolutely adore this colour. Unfortunately, i can’t find my own at the moment 😦


I’m not going to lie, this shade kind of freaks me out. I’ve never worn browns this dark before so I bought this thinking that I’d try it out, but every time I put it on I feel like it doesn’t suit the makeup that I have on or my outfit and I take it off. I often wish I had bought “beauty mark” instead, as I feel the colour would suit me better as it is the slightest bit warmer but oh well. The formula is just as amazing though so there will definitely come a day that I wear this… outside of just my bedroom. NYX describes this colour as a “warm rich brown”. I also find that it’s a little bit patchy.

Baby Doll

My mum has baby doll so I’ve tried the colour out and I must say, I don’t like the formula. It’s one of the lightest colours in the range, being a nude pink, and it just looks really streaky on my lips compared to the other shades. I also feel like it’s a bit light for my skin tone.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream
I find the formula of the lip creams to be more creamy than the lip lingeries (duh) however they are much patchier than the lip lingeries. They’re much less smudge proof in comparison however they’re still very pigmented and I find that they don’t feel as drying. I still always use lip balm before application and after the removal. It also has a doe foot applicator which I find super easy to work with in comparison to a brush or any other applicator. A very minor thing about this product that I really love is the names of the shades. As someone who loves travelling, there’s just something special that warms my heart when I apply the lipstick and imagine myself in the city that it’s named after.
RTP: $12.95 


Monte Carlo

This shade is brand new to my collection as I thought it would be perfect for Christmas time. It’s a beautiful warm deep red which I didn’t have in my collection already in the form of a liquid lipstick.


Some of my favourite shades to wear are berry tones. Copenhagen is a matte rich plum that isn’t too dark for daily wear.


This shade is a matte deep violet and I freaking LOVE IT! It’s definitely a very bold shade but it makes me feel like such a bad-ass when I wear it.

NYX Intense Butter Gloss
These lip glosses have gotten me back into the lip gloss trend. I used to hate how sticky and transparent lip glosses were and how they’d fade away really quickly. These are pretty much none of that! They’re super opaque (hence the “intense” part), and although they are still slightly sticky, I find that you can blot with a tissue and a good amount of colour will still remain. I love wearing these on the days that I feel like giving my lips a bit more moisture.
RTP: $12.95

Tres Leches

This is a beautiful glossy nude I love to wear with almost any outfit on a daily basis. It’s my go-to gloss.

Chocolate Crepe


This is a beautiful deep beige shade that is like a glossy version of Ruffle Trim. Read more here!

NYX Liquid Suede
The formula of the Liquid Suede is very similar to the Lip Lingeries so you should pick the one that’s better suited to your needs. They’re both quite thin in consistency, are extremely pigmented, a little sticky and dry matte but I find that the liquid suede dries my lips out less which is a nice feeling and when I layer it up, it doesn’t become crumbly. My only complaint is that it smudges really easily, isn’t transfer proof and doesn’t completely dry.
RTP: $14.95

Stone Fox
This shade is a very cool toned grey and in some lighting, it can look a bit green and in others bit blue. I think it would suit people with cooler undertones in their skin and hair. So a funny story on how I came to buy this shade… I stupidly thought that it was going to be black because, at Priceline, the photo of the shade on the lips is much darker than the actual colour and appeared black. Actually, all the shades of lipstick appear much darker in the photo and if you’re in a hurry like I was, it’s very deceiving. The bottle itself pictures the right colour though. I’m yet to wear this lipstick out in public and I don’t know if I every will… but hopefully someday it’ll happen.


 You can buy NYX products from Priceline or Target.

I hope you found this post helpful in deciding which product is right for you. Let me know your thoughts on any of these products or other ones from NYX.


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