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Tarte Amazonian Clay 12-hour Blushes

I purchased these blushes around the month of August in need of some better quality blushes compared to the revlon ones that I had been using up until that point. I purchased the shades “glisten” and “achiote”. I demonstrated how I use this blush in one of my previous blog posts. 


The colour of the packaging reflects the colour of the blush inside (to an extent) and I find it to be very sturdy. It has a full mirror inside the blush which i definitely appreciate AND AS I WAS WRITING THIS I DISCOVERED THAT THE PANS ARE HELD WITH A MAGNET TO THE COMPACT WHICH MEANS THAT THEY’RE REMOVABLE!!!!!! OMG IM SO EXCITED! I found that there is a small hole at the back that you can push the compact out from. GENIUS!! The benefit of this is that you could put it in a Z-Palette where you can keep all of your favourite things in one place. Wow I’m so pleased about this.


But back on topic..



This one is my favourite of the pair. It reminds me a lot of the NARS “orgasm” blush as it is a light warm pink with gold flecks throughout it that just glistens beautifully when on the cheek.



This shade is like the matte version of “glisten” however it is slightly darker. I especially like this shade for the winter time.

Achiote (left) & Glisten (right)

These blushes aren’t as pigmented as many other high end blushes may be, but they do the job for me and I know I’ll probably never finish them so using a little extra product doesn’t phase me. I also wouldn’t say that it lasts 12 hours. I actually find that fades really quickly so as nice as they are when first applying, I wouldn’t buy more. I’d rather try out some different brands’ blushes and see how they compare.


You can purchase Tarte from Sephora or their website

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