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Natio Contour Palette

In August of 2016 I began using this contour kit as well as the brush that it comes with. Straight off the bat, I loved that there were only 3 shades. I’m so sick of massive contour kits that are hard to travel with, which include 6 shades, only 2 of which I’d actually use. The palette includes a Dark contour shade, a Medium contour shade and a highlight shade as well as a full mirror, which is always appreciated.


The 2nd thing i was quick to realise is that the brush is awful! Don’t even bother with it. It’s super dense on the contour side which just makes it really difficult to blend anything. The other side of the brush is fine I guess but i never reach for it as i have other brushes that I prefer to use. Instead, I use a Revlon angled contour brush that I already had which is much fluffier and allows for a much more seamless blend.

The powders are very smooth and not muddy at all. I still try not to use too much at a time even though they are easily blended, it’s always easier to add more than to remove product. I love how the shades have a slightly cooler tone with no shimmer as it makes it easier to create depth and shadows on the face compared to warm shimmery tones. I like to use the “Dark Contour” shade for my complexion when I have a full face of makeup. I don’t really reach for the “Medium Contour” too much as I have other bronzers that I really love, however it would be a great shade for a more natural contour, or for people with fairer skin.


I’m not really a huge fan of the highlight. As nice as it is, it gives a very…very natural glow which isn’t exactly my thing. It may be for some though so I would recommend it for them. One way of making it a bit brighter is by layering it over a cream highlight which I think I may try soon. Regardless of all this though, it doesn’t deter me from using the palette at all. It’s such a convenient size and is so practical that I couldn’t possibly stop using it for one downfall.

You can purchase this palette as well as the brush from Priceline for $24.95 which is a great price for 3 shades of  great quality. I haven’t come across a drugstore contour kit that I prefer yet so this one is the front runner.

downloadNatio don’t test on animals!! YAY!!






There’s so many contour kits on the market that I know it can be hard to choose so I hope you found this post useful. Let me know which contour kit is your favourite.




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