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Australis Banana Powder

Let me introduce you to one of my most holy grail products of all time. What is life without it? I don’t know. It’s the Australis Banana Powder! I’ve just hit pan on this product so I now have a spare waiting for when i run out completely.


This powder obviously gets its name from its banana-yellow colour which can look a little daunting to first time users, but i promise that you will not look yellow! However, I would definitely only recommend this powder to people with yellow based skin tones.


I do find that this powder can get a bit loose and have a bit of fallout so as i do with most of my powders, I always tap the excess off of my brush. My favourite brush to use for this powder is my Real Techniques Duo Fibre Contour brush. I find that it’s the perfect size for packing the powder on under my eyes as well as sweeping it across my cheeks.

Swatch of the banana powder

This powder is amazing for highlighting, setting concealer and cleaning up your makeup in general.

  1. Highlighting & Setting Concealer

So by “highlighting” I don’t mean all the shimmer that we put on our cheek bones, I mean just adding some dimension to the face. When we apply our foundation we instantly lose all of our facial dimension as it is a single colour. This is the reason that we highlight and contour, to accentuate some of our facial features and bring some life back into our faces. I love using this powder and concealer combo to add the necessary dimension and to brighten my face.


I do this by using a concealer that it 2 shades lighter than my foundation and applying it in “V” shapes under my eyes, down my nose, on my forehead and on my chin. (as seen in the right photo) –>

I then use the banana powder to set my concealer by brushing it all over those same areas. This will prevent my concealer from creasing (especially under my eyes), will stop it from moving or fading on my face and will not let me go oily or get oily patches throughout the day.

I also use my concealer as an eyelid primer which i then also set with this powder. Eyeshadow applies so smoothly over the top that I’ve never felt a need to purchase an eye primer.

2. Cleaning up the makeup on your face 

I’m sure when we’ve contoured, we have all experienced going a bit wild with the brush and blending, and having our contour move too far down our cheek, or not have a crisp enough line etc etc. This is where the banana powder comes in! Just sweep in across the areas that you want to clean up and it works a charm. I always do this after contouring to make my cheek bones look as chiseled as possible.

I’ve also used this powder in a “no makeup” makeup look which you can see here. It blends with my natural skin tone beautifully. I have also recently gotten my hands on the Australis Banana Concealer which you can read a review on here. I’m so excited to use it and see how it compares to my other concealers. I’m also currently testing out the banana powder in the Too Faced Cocoa Contour Kit to see how it’ll compare so I’ll be doing a post on that soon.

You can purchase Australis products from Priceline for $14.95 which is a great price for a holy grail, ride or die item.


It’s also so exciting to say that Australis are cruelty free!!

Let me know what your favourite Australis product is!


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