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Sukin Shampoo + Conditioner + Body Wash Review

I’ve recently been trying to find skin care products that are friendly to our skin (chemical free), the environment (carbon neutral) and to animals (cruelty free). Through this quest i have come across the brand Sukin which is “Australian owed and made, 100% vegan, 100% carbon neutral and don’t test on animals”. Tick ♥ Tick ♥ Tick ♥ Tick ♥. They’re also super affordable with most products being under $20 – tick and they’re super accessible as you can purchase their products from Priceline – Tick. Hence you can see why I optimistically purchased a range of their products, as it could potentially have turned out to be a gold mine of skin products. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case with all of them. 😦


I love that all 3 of these products come in large (1Ltr) pump bottles. This made it really easy to use in the shower and control the amount of product that’s being used. The second thing that I loved about all of these products is the scents. They all smell very natural and not overly fragranced. When i smell them i get hints of aloe vera, citrus and lavender. However, the fragrance does not linger in your hair afterwards.

Sukin Purifying Shampoo – Suitable for normal hair – $19.99


I tried really hard to like this product but it wasn’t easy. The first thing I didn’t like is that it hardly lathers at all. I tried to explain to myself that because it’s such a natural product, it doesn’t have the chemicals to lather. However this eventually stopped working. It just felt like my hair and scalp weren’t being cleaned properly which resulted in me using 5 pumps per wash, which i knew was way too much and a waste of product. But even so, I continued using it because I didn’t want it to go to waste. The thing that deterred me from using it completely was that when I went to the hairdresser, she noticed I had a tiny bit of dandruff which I soon realised was caused by this product.
I shall not be repurchasing this product.

Sukin Nourishing Conditioner – Suitable for normal hair – $19.99


I haven’t any bad things to say about this product really. It smells great, it detangles and smooths out my hair and I only need to use a small amount of product to get the results that I’m after.
I’m not sure if I’d repurchase it because I feel as though there are other products out there that I’d like to try, however I’d definitely be open to it.





Sukin Botanical Body Wash – Suitable for all skin types – $19.99


I’m not a huge fan. It smells great, as they all do but just like the shampoo, it hardly lathers unless you use a lot of product, which is wasteful. I shouldn’t have to use 5 pumps of body wash every day. Maybe it’s just something that I need to get used to – I don’t know. Let me know what you think in the comments.
I’ve also recently been enjoying using oil cleansers. My skin always feel so moisturised after every shower which I’ve been really enjoying.
I shan’t be repurchasing this product.




Sukin have a huge rage of products, some of which I do really love (blog post to come). I’d definitely suggest having a look through their range as I’m sure you’d find something that’s right for you and it’s always a plus to know that you’re using ethical and sustainable products! 😀


I hope you enjoyed this post and that it encourage you to explore the use of ethical skin care. Let me know what your favourite products are in the comments!







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