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Physicians Formula “Natural Nude” Shimmer Strips

A more recent addition to my highlighter collection has been the Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips in the shade “Natural Nude”. I absolutely LOVE highlighting and looking glowy so I was so excited to purchase another, especially at a drugstore price.


Physicians Formula always have such interesting packaging and they always look so different from other makeup brands. They’re always so colourful and their section of Priceline always catches my eye. I love the colours used on this product. The rose gold and the black make it look super girly yet elegant. The only thing I don’t like is how bulky it is! If it wasn’t so bulky, this would be the highlighter that I’d want to travel with, but unfortunately it just takes up way too much room.
On the other side of the highlighter there is a mirror with 2 applicators, one for the cheek and the other for the eyes. I wouldn’t recommend using either of them. The back cover also has a guide on it which would be very useful to beginners who haven’t used highlighter.


The product itself is soo pigmented and glowy. Notice that i say “glowy” and not “shimmery” That’s because there are no chunks of glitter or sparkles which is another reason why I love this highlighter. Rather than looking like a disco ball, you look as if you’re glowing form within.

Top to bottom: Row 1, Row 2, Row 3, Row 4

Ok, I know this photo makes them look chunky, but i promise that they’re not. ❤

I also love that there is a huge range of colours in one pan. This adds greatly to the value that you’re getting because your highlight could be bronze, gold, blush, white, champagne or a mix of them all. This palette would be perfect for any look and all light – medium skin tones. In addition, this product comes in the shade “Warm Nude” which is looks pretty much the same but all the shades are slightly warmer/darker which would be ideal for darker skin tones.


This product retails for $24.95AUD which is a great price, especially considering that you’re getting such a versatile product. I would highly highly recommend purchasing it as it has now become a staple in my collection.
Physicians Formula products can be purchased from Priceline, their website, or iherb where you can purchase their products for a much cheaper price.

download  ❤ ❤ ❤

Let me know what your favourite highlighter is!


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