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Valentine’s Day Makeup Essentials

In honour of Valentine’s Day coming up, I thought I’d make a post on all of my essentials for the love-filled day. Whether you’re going on a date with your boyfriend/girlfriend or showing your love for your friends, this list of products could be exactly what you need.


I’d say that I’ve chosen products that are collectively more for a night out, however you can alter any of them to suit your needs.

Too Faced “Born This Way” Foundation: Nude


This has been my go-to foundation for glam makeup. I love its coverage and how it applies. You can definitely sheer it out if you wanted to, or you can build it up for a img_4476fuller coverage. This would be perfect to wear as it lasts all day without fading or smudging away and doesn’t cling to the dry patches of your skin. I find that it does sometimes sink into some of my fine lines though.

For further information, you can check out my friend’s blog post here 🙂

This foundation retails for $57 AUD which is on the pricey side, but I do believe that if you’re willing to spend the money that it’s definitely worth doing. Foundation is the base to all of your makeup (duh) and it can really affect the way the rest of your makeup looks. You can purchase this foundation from Mecca or their website. 

EDIT (28/10/17): I’m not a fan if this foundation and I wouldn’t reccommend it. Although the coverage is good, it shows all of my pores and fine lines and separates on my skin. Not a fan.

download ❤

Smashbox Limitless Liquid Liner Pen: Jet Black


A staple for me is winged eyeliner. It’s definitely a challenge to execute and I still haven’t perfected it, but I absolutely adore the way that it looks when I get it somewhat right. Whether it’s sharp for the evening or a little one for during the day, winged eyeliner just gives your eyes a beautiful, flirty allure while still looking extremely sexy.

This liner is new to my collection and I’ve only used it a few times and so far I’m a tad unsure. I like that the nib is quite firm so that the hairs don’t spread but still soft enough to curve with your eyes. However sometimes when I apply it, it can look a bit faded which 16683454_1427504250615953_1343975489_nis really annoying for such an expensive product. I often have to go back over the top of my wing which can sometimes make it look streakier. At this point, I wouldn’t repurchase it, but I will continue using this one to get value for money and just to be sure.
Further information here 🙂

EDIT (28/10/17): I realised that I needed to pump the liner to get a better dispense of product. It still goes streaky when I try go over the top of liner that I’ve already done but apparently this is normal. As someone who can never get winged liner right the first time, I’d prefer that it wouldnt do this.

This liquid liner retails for $31AUD and can be purchased from Mecca or their website.

download ❤

The Balm “Betty-Lou Manizer”


16652609_1427504247282620_667422552_nI love sun-kissed, bronzed up, glowy skin, especially in the Summertime and my go-to product to achieve this is the Betty-Lou Manizer bronzer. It’s definitely morimg_4222e suited to medium-deeper skin tones as it’s quite pigmented and bronze. It is quite glittery though, so if you prefer to have a matte bronzer then this wouldn’t be the right one for you. However, I really love it and use it almost every time I do my makeup. This would also work as a great highlighter for really deep skin tones.

This product retails for $29.95 which is a good price for a product of such great quality and it’s quite a large amount of product. You can purchase it from David Jones, Sephora or their website.

Find out more about The Balm’s “Lou Manizer” product here.

download ❤

Nude by Nature “Touch of Glow” Highlight Stick: Champagne


I love the glowy highlighted look so much so, that it’s a must for me regardless of whether it’s during the day or the evening. This is my go-to highlighting cream base for pretty much every makeup look and then I’ll almost always top it off with a powdered highlight (either Becca, Physicians Formula or Sleek).16652556_1427504277282617_952820147_n

I love the champagne colour as I feel that it compliments pretty much every skin tone beautifully. It glides on super smoothly however, i do prefer to apply it onto my finger first and then onto my face to A) warm up the product with the warmth of my fingers so I can blend it easier; B) so that it doesn’t move my foundation compared to if i were to apply it directly onto my face (this has happened); and C) so that I have more control in applying less or more product, placing it exactly where I want it to go and then blending it into the rest of my makeup seamlessly.

This highlighter retails for $24.95AUD which is a great price considering that the Benefit “Watts Up!” highlighter stick is $53 for the exact same amount of product and it does literally an identical job. You can purchase this product from Priceline or the website.

download ❤

Colour Pop Lippie Pencil: Bossy


I always like to wear a lip liner under lipstick as it helps to make it last and make the16650494_1427504283949283_140939201_n application more precise. The one I use is the Colour Pop Lippie Pencil in the shade “Bossy”. It applies so smoothly and glides on without tugging on your lips at all. It’s quite new to my collection but so far I love it.

This product retails for $5.00USD which is a great price for such a great lip liner.


REVLON ColorStay “Ultimate Suede”: Finale


Is there anything that screams “Valentine’s Day” more than a red lip? I don’t think so.img_3229
The red lip that I’ve been using a loving for the past 5 years (at least) is the Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede. I love how bright it is and that it dries matte. I also love that it actually stays pretty much all day. You may have to reapply after eating and drinking  (especially if it’s greasy food), but other than that it definitely lasts. (I wouldn’t say that it’s completely kiss-proof, but it mostly is).

This product retails for $26.95AUD which is pretty pricey for a drugstore product. I’d suggest to either step it up for a Too Faced “Melted Liquified Long Wear Matte Lipstick” for $30AUD or step down to a NYX Liquid Suede for $14.99AUD. However, as I do already own the REVLON product, I’m not fussed to go out and purchase another red lip regardless of it being better value.

You can purchase REVLON from:
The website
David Jones
Other Chemists/Pharmacies/Drugstores

Models Prefer “FINALE” Makeup Setting Mist


I’m not gonna lie… I really can’t tell if this does anything. Maybe it’s not a great brand… maybe none of them work and it’s all placebo… who knows. But I like the idea of it and I hope that it actually does something. I might start paying more attention to see if it does anything lol. But basically a makeup setting mist *supposedly* locks in your makeup for longer wear and keeps it looking fresh all day. I chose this one because it wasn’t expensive ($14.99AUD) as it’s from Priceline, and Models Prefer doesn’t test on animals.

download ❤

I hope you found this post somewhat helpful. Happy Valentine’s day ❤


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