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Colour Pop Super Shock Shadows

These shadows were all the rage on YouTube in the beauty community for a solid couple of years so I thought I’d get some of my own to see what the hype was about. I have the shades ‘Nillionaire’ and ‘Game Face’.


The packaging is quite bulky which is a definite con. It would be inconvenient to travel with and the pan of eyeshadow is still extremely shallow which means that there’s a lot of empty space in the packaging.

The texture of the eyeshadows are amazing though. When i first swatched them i was convinced that they were a cream shadow. They’re so smooth and buttery and have incredible pigmentation. The only problem is, like an actual cream shadow, not a lot of pigment gets picked up when using a brush. I’d 100% recommend using your clean finger instead, to apply the shadow so you don’t have any application problems. These shadows are also very buildable so that you can achieve the coverage that you’re after. They’ll last all night and are very smudge proof.

Nillionaire – Metallic Shadow





This shade is a cool-bronze colour with pink and gold glitter. Warning: It is VERY glittery so if that’s not what you’re into, you’ve been warned. I LOVE it though. It’s so fun for a night out and add’s so much to an eye look whether it is used as a highlight shade or all over the lid. It is a lot cooler in person than what it looks like on the website though. I believe that it would suit any eye colour beautifully.




Game Face – Ultra Metallic Shadow


This is a beautiful orange-copper shade that would especially suit brown and green eye shades. Like Nillionaire, it could be used as a highlight or all over the lid. It doesn’t have any chunks of glitter however, it is still very intense.



These shadows retail for $5USD which is the usual price for single eyeshadows and very affordable. I’d definitely recommend trying these shadows if you’re interested and I’ll definitely be purchasing more, especially for metallic shadows as that’s what i find other brands struggle to create.
You can purchase Colour Pop product from their website.

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