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My Brow Routine

I don’t do a lot to my brows as they are quite full and nicely shaped naturally, so I’m not too fussed about the products that I use.


The 2 products that I’m currently using are the Maybelline Master Brow and the MAC Brow Gel.

Step 1

Comb through brows with a spooly. The spooly that I use is one of the sample ones that they have at makeup stores for testing mascaras. It’s free and it does the job.

Step 2


I then fill in my brows with the Maybelline Master Brow palette in “deep brown” and I like to use the middle powder. I’m not a fan of the gel at all. To do this I use a Revlon eyeliner brush which works perfectly. I start by outlining  my eyebrows so that I have a defined shape to work with.

Outlined Brows

I then begin filling in the sparse area with little brush strokes. I always begin from the tail end and then work my way in. I like to create a gradient effect at the start of my brow so that the lines aren’t too harsh. As I do this I continue to brush my brows through with the spooly brush just to blend it through and get rid of excess product.

Filled In Brows

I thoroughly enjoy this product as it’s easy to use and very forgiving where as a pomade or pencil may be a bit harder to work with. I would definitely recommend this product to beginners.

Step 3


Once I’ve finished filling in my brows I like to brush a gel through them to make sure that the hairs stay in place all day as my brows are quite bushy and can look a bit wild. I use the MAC brow gel in the shade “Beguile” which is the only brow gel that I’ve ever had. It’s running out now (after 2 years) and i definitely do not intend on repurchasing it. I don’t like the colour at all as it’s a metallic brown shade that makes my brows look somewhat grey. I always have to go through my brows again with a spooly brush to get rid of the visible colour. I may try a clear gel next time.

Brushed through with gel

Step 4

Lastly, I like to highlight my brow bone just to make my brows look crisper and to make the arch of my brows look higher. When I haven’t used eyeshadow, I’ll use the white shade in the Maybelline Master Brow palette however, when i do wear eyeshadow I like to use the Makeup Geek eyeshadow in the shade White Lies. It’s a very pigmented matte, white shade that stand out beautifully under the brow.


Quick Disclaimer: I prefer the look of bushier, fuller, slightly wild eyebrows on myself, hence why they look that way. It’s definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, so feel free to do yours however you prefer.

I hope you found this post useful, especially if you’re new to filling in your brows. I’m definitely still a beginner at this and I’m still working out what looks best on me.


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