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Too Faced Cocoa Contour Kit

I became interested in this palette after getting really fed up with the 6 shade contour and highlighting kits. There were just too many shades when I’d only use 1 or 2 which made the packaging way too big and bulky for what i needed. This palette caught my attention after all the rave that I heard about it on YouTube. I liked that it only had 4 shades and that it was smooth and not muddy like the Australis one that I had been using.


I have a couple criticisms about this palette. One of which is the packaging. Regardless of the fact that it only has 4 shades, the packaging is still extremely bulky as it does still need to fit a brush inside. To be honest, as nice as it is to have pretty packaging, i just want the smallest least bulky packaging that’s physically possible. When I’m traveling, I want to be able to have all of my favourite products with me, and it’s annoying when I can’t because of the freaking packaging! Secondly, the brush. When i first got the palette the bristles would fall out like crazy and it was frustrating because it is an expensive product and I do expect more. However that doesn’t seem to happen anymore so maybe it was just an initial thing. Also, there about a 1.5cm border around the mirror which is really a pet peeve of mine. This border is so unnecessary and doesn’t aid me in any way. What would aid me is a bigger mirror. Why must product deny their consumers of a decent sized mirror?!

Moving on… tumblr_na4x5hMjud1smcbm7o1_500

The product itself is amazing. I have the “medium to deep” palette as it suits my skin tone much better as I like to have quite a dark contour for my full glam looks. Even when I don’t want a very dark shade, the bronzing shade would work just as well. They’re super smooth and velvety and not overly pigmented which I like. This gives me more control  when applying the product as I can build up the contour to the level that I like it to be at, rather than applying too much. I also like that the contour shades are quite cool-toned and ashy. This is super important as contouring is meant to create shadows on your face and warm shades don’t create a shadows as well as cool ones.


I love the Cocoa Butter shade which is the banana shade in the palette. It’s very pigmented and perfect for highlighting and cleaning up the rest of your makeup just like the Australis Banana Powder. I love both powders and I interchange them all the time. There’s definitely significantly less fall out with the Cocoa Butter shade which is a plus. The highlighting shade, Cocoa Glow, is very nice but not really my cup of tea. It’s super smooth and kind of a white-creamy-peachy colour with little shimmery glitters throughout. The 2 things I don’t really like are that it’s not super blinding but at the same time, it works well for more natural looks. The second thing being the little glitters. I don’t like looking like a disco ball and I prefer my highlights to be glowy rather than glittery. However, it’s still  nice powder so I still try use it.17274354_1466683186698059_1177478229_n

Also, I can’t forget to mention that the palette smells like chocolate which I definitely don’t hate…at all… I really love it omg! It’s such a tiny detail to make your palettes scented, but Too Faced always go above and beyond in all their products.

I’m extremely happy with this palette and I’d definitely recommend trying it out if you’re in the market for a contour kit.


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