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Smashbox Primers

For the past 3 months I’ve been using the Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer and the Photo Finish Pore Minimising Foundation Primer. I had heard great reviews and had felt them in store and I was dying to test them out.


Both of them have quite a silicone feel to them which I always liked the feeling of. They felt super smooth on my face and felt like a great base for foundation. I also love the idea of primer and that it’s a layer between my skin and all the makeup and that it can protect my pores. However, i was never really sure whether they were actually doing anything so i conducted a little experiment where I’d closely examine my makeup after wearing and not wearing the primer. Note: I have an oily T-zone and enlarged pores. I wear the pore-minimising primer across my t-zone and the other one over the rest of my face.

Time to get quite technical…

The variables involved are:
1. On the night that I didn’t wear primer, there was a lot more dancing and sweating than the night that I did which might have had some effect.
2. I wore the Too Faced Born This Way foundation both nights. It could be the foundation that reacts badly with my skin and not the primer.
3. I am sick at the moment which could have an affect on the amount that I touch and rub my face and nose which could influence how the makeup stays on.

There was no difference between the 2 nights!
I have very large and noticeable pores on my nose and under my eyes and they showed through my foundation quite a lot on both of the nights. The foundation faded and smudged off the tip of my nose just as badly on each night. Lastly, my forehead lines and laugh lines creased through my makeup equally.

Final Thoughts

I’m super disappointed in how my skin reacted with this product and it’s especially confusing because the reviews are so great that I feel like I’m somehow using it wrong. I’ll keep testing it out though with different foundations and products.
I’m thinking of trying a primer that has more of a moisturiser-like consistency such as the Too Faced Hangover Primer and see if that reacts better with my skin. I definitely don’t want to stop wearing primer altogether because I do believe that it serves a purpose in protecting your skin from all the makeup and ~supposedly~ helping your makeup to appear more flawless.

download I have the minis of both primers which are $23, while the full size is $57. You can purchase these primers from Mecca.






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