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Makeup Geek Eyeshadows

This has been long in the making so I’m so glad this blog post is finally done.

So for about a year now I’ve been hearing non-stop about Makeup Geek and customising your own palette etc etc. What I’ve also been hearing is about their awesome pigmentation and blendability hence why I decided to start my own collection to put them to the test.


There are 2 main things that I like about the idea of buying individual pans:
1. Being able to buy specific shades that I don’t already have in my collection
2. Being able to customise a perfect palette for myself that I can take travelling, that will consist of colours that I’ll 100% use.

I currently have 19 shades. 4 foiled shadows, 1 duo chrome and the rest just regular shadows. I’m not going to go into a lot of detail into each colour, but I’ll mention my favourites for sure.

Foiled Eyeshadows
I absolutely love these shadows. They’re so smooth, buttery and crazy pigmented. Generally with these kinds of eyeshadows you’d want to use your finger or wet your brush but for these, you don’t even need to. However, I’d definitely suggest doing your eyes before your face when using these because there can be quite a bit of fall out. I love packing these onto the lid for a super intense look.



This is a beautiful warm purple shade that compliments brown eyes really nicely.

Chickadee, Creme Brûlée, Cocoa Bear, Cherry Cola, Bitten, Showtime, Roulette



I’m yet to use this shade because it does look quite intimidating. However, it’s a lovely cool toned purple that catches the light so beautifully. It reminds me of fairies or some kind of beautiful enchanted land omg.



This is an intense copper orange colour that stands out so much on the lid. I can’t wait to use it more now that Autumn is approaching.

Chickadee, Creme Brûlée, Cocoa Bear, Bitten, Flame Thrower

Houdini – Favourite


Houdini is the most awesome blue-green colour that just reminds me of mermaids. I’ve never used any colour like this before so it was quite bold of me to purchase it, however I absolutely fell in love with it. I find that the colour brings out my eye colour and makes them look really light.

Chickadee, Creme Brûlée, Enchanted Forest, Envy, Houdini

Duo-Chrome Eyeshadows

As I only have one shade, I feel like it’s hard to judge the whole range in terms of pigmentation and such. It feels very smooth and buttery however the pigmentation isn’t up to the standard of the rest of the shadows.

I’m Peachless


This duo-chrome shade transitions between a peach to a cream colour. To be honest, I’m a bit disappointed in this shadow as it’s not as pigmented or intense as I would have liked. In saying that, I don’t feel like I’ve used it to it’s full potential.

Regular Eyeshadows
I love these eyeshadows sooo much! They’re so smooth and pigmented and everything you’d want in an eyeshadow. They take hardly any blending (unless they’re a super dark colour) which makes doing eyeshadow and creating looks so much easier and quicker.

White Lies – Matte


This is a pure white shade that is super pigmented. I love it for highlighting my brow bone.

Chickadee – Matte


This shade can look a bot intimidating and I was really reluctant to purchase it as it’s a yolk yellow shade. I looked at so many reviews before purchasing any of these shadows and heaps of people were raving about so I decided to bite the bullet and get it. It’s the most perfect colour for in the crease for more medium skin tones. I don’t use it every time, but I love it for when I do brighter, warmer eyeshadow looks.

Creme Brûlée – Matte – Favourite


This colour is a must have for everyone. It’s the most perfect colour for in the crease 100% of the time. All the shades blend so beautifully into it and it creates a seamless transition.

Cocoa Bear – Matte


This shade and Tiki hut are insanely similar so I don’t really think it’s necessary to have both (lol my bad). Cocoa Bear is just a hair lighter. It’s a very warm toned brown that has a lot of orange tones in it. I love this shade to use as the next shade in the transition after Creme Brûlée.

Tiki Hut – Matte


As I said, Tiki Hut is just a shade darker than Cocoa Bear. It’s still a great brown shade that I find myself reaching for a lot. It’d still like to find a brown that’s more of a chocolate-espresso colour for my outer V, but for now this will work.

Goddess – Shimmer


This is a metallic red-brown shade that I honestly don’t reach that much because in the pan it looks completely different. It looks like much more of a pinky-mauve colour. I definitely want to use it more now that I’ve swatched it properly.

Roulette – Shimmer – Favourite


Roulette looks really similar to Goddess so again, you probably don’t need both but I absolutely LOVE this colour. It’s much richer in pigment than Goddess and it’s much more of a pinky rose gold. It’s great for topping purple toned eyeshadow looks as it looks so beautiful in the light.

Chickadee, Creme Brûlée, Cocoa bear, Cherry Cola, Roulette, Goddess, I’m Peachless

Bitten – Matte – Favourite


This is definitely a favourite of mine. Maybe my most favourite but who knows. It’s the most gorgeous burgundy colour that you will ever see. I absolutely love this shade whether it’s to use all over the lid for a darker look or just in the corner for adding some depth to a lighter look.

Chickadee, Creme Brûlée, Bitten, Cherry Cola, White Lies

Cherry Cola – Matte


This colour is super similar to Bitten but I’d say that it has slightly more purple cool tones. I still love it and use it heaps though.

Burlesque – Shimmer


This is a lovely warm purple shade that compliments Showtime beautifully. I’d say that it’s almost exactly the same as Cherry Cola but shimmery. It’s super smooth and pigmented that has brown tones through it which make it really wearable.

Poppy – Matte


Poppy is a bright pinky orange peachy shade. It’s much less pigmented than many of the others but it’s such a fluorescent and intense colour that I don’t really mind. I haven’t been brave enough to wear it as anything more than a crease colour for more subtle pink looks.

Envy – Shimmer


Envy is a beautiful deep warm green shade with a bit of grey throughout. It goes perfectly with Houdini. I haven’t use this shadow to it’s full potential yet, but so far I love it.

Enchanted Forest – Matte


Enchanted Forest is (again) super similar to envy. It’s a little bit darker and matte. I bought the 3 green colours that I have as they were the first greens in my entire eyeshadow collection and I wasn’t sure what I’d like or what I’d need.

Corrupt – Matte


Lucky last, Corrupt is an insanely intense matte black shade. It’s one of the most intensely pigmented shades out of any of them in my collection and I love it for lining the lash line, or blending into my outer V to deepen a look.

In summary, the must have, basic  shades are: white lies, creme brûlée, cocoa bear and corrupt. These are a necessity, in my opinion. From there, just choose whichever shades that you enjoy. I’d highly highly recommend starting a Makeup Geek collection of your own as it gives you so much flexibility in customising your palette and selecting colours that you know you’ll use and enjoy.

To store these eyeshadow pans, I use a Z-palette however I wouldn’t like to buy another one as there was a bit of a scandal where the CEO was disgustingly rude to her  customers on Instagram so I’d rather not support her business.


You can purchase Makeup Geek from their website or on Beauty Bay where it’s significantly cheaper however, they don’t have the full range.


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