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The Body Shop Baked to Last Bronzer: Warm Glow

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The Body Shop’s new campaign: Enrich, not exploit – it’s in our hands

The Body Shop have a wide range of beauty, skincare, hair care and body products that are natural and cruelty free.  They are a brand with a mission and are making a commitment to use natural products, be cruelty free and use renewable and sustainable resources which I love. Thus, I am more than happy to support their brand.

I have 2 beauty products from The Body Shop, a foundation (which i lost) and a bronzer (which I love). I’ve been using the Baked to Last Bronzer in the shade warm glow for a couple years now and I love it so much. It’s a shimmery bronzer with various brown, champagne and pink shades throughout which look so beautiful on the skin.

It looks super natural however, it can be built up to achieve a fuller coverage and it doesn’t look orangey at all. I love to use this bronzer when I’m wearing a full face of makeup or hardly any makeup at all (see my “no makeup” makeup post) as it suits both perfectly. You’ll see in that post that I also use this bronzer as eyeshadow a lot.

I’d definitely say that this is my favourite bronzer that I have ever used and that it covers pretty much every base that a bronzer needs to, so you really don’t need any other bronzer for your every day sort of makeup when you have this one (in my opinion).

I would’t suggest contouring with this bronzer as that is definitely not what it’s made for. It has quite a bit of shimmer in it (not too much, but still) and is a bit too warm to act as a shadow on your face which is what contouring is meant for.

There is another shade called “Golden Bronze” which is for darker skin tones. I can’t say how well this one works as I haven’t used it, but if it’s anything like “Warm Glow” then it will also be beautiful.

This product retails for $30AUD which i guess you could say is on the higher end of the drugstore products. Aka, more expensive than most of the things you’d find at Priceline, but less than what you’ll find at Mecca. Comparable brands in terms of price include The Balm and Revlon. You can purchase this product from a Body Shop store or from their website.

I’d definitely recommend this product whether it be for someone who is just starting their makeup collection or someone with 5 bronzers already. It’s great value for money because you get 9grams of product which will last you years. This is the bronzer that I would take travelling with me as it’s so versatile.


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