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Sigma Makeup Brushes

About a year and a half ago when I really started to get into makeup, I decided to invest in some high quality brushes. I did some research and decided to go for the Sigma makeup brushes. Now, I can’t go into a lot of detail about the purchasing process as they were gifted to me however, it seems like I have the “Essential Kit – Make Me Classy”. This kit comes with 12 brushes and a brush holder and at the time that I received mine, I got a bonus brush as well.


Overall, I love these brushes and the set as a whole. It comes with every brush that you need and is a great base collection. I definitely still use some other brushes, especially for eyeshadow as I often use different colours however, the Sigma brushes are definitely my favourites. They come in a great brush holder which is a hard faux leather container. You can use each half of the container as 2 separate brush holders, or you can store your brushes in the one half with the lid over them. This is what I like to do so that my brushes don’t get dusty as I don’t do my makeup every day or every second day for that matter. With all the brushes in the container it does feel quite heavy so I wouldn’t recommend it for travelling, although the case would protect your brushes nicely while they’re in your suitcase.


These brushes are all super soft and dense (in a good way) which allow your to apply and blend out your makeup quickly and easily. The brushes and the handles all feel of amazing quality as they all feel super sturdy and durable. I also love that the handles are quite long which allow me to hold the brushes towards the end of the handle so that I can blend and apply  my makeup with a lighter and more delicate hand.
My only issue with this kit is that the brushes don’t come with plastic covers so they can lose their shape a bit. The bonus brush that I received does have a cover and I can feel that it’s of great quality. When spending so much money on a set of brushes, you’d think that they would come with covers.
I don’t necessarily use the brushes as they were designed to be used which is totally fine. Use your brushes however they work best for you.

The Brushes are:

F30 – Large Powder



I love this brush for applying powder all over my face whether it be to set my foundation or as a light coverage foundation. The large brush head makes this super quick  and easy to do. I also use this to remove baking on the rare occasion that I bake.



F40 – Large Angled Contour



This brush is perfect for blush. It’s nice and small (even though it’s called large) which is the perfect size for the apples of your cheeks.




F50 – Duo Fibre



I have no idea what this brush is designed for but I love to use it for my bronzer. It’s the perfect size for my cheek and forehead area and blends all of my cheek makeup seamlessly into each other.




F60- Foundation


My favourite way to apply foundation is with a sponge but prior to doing that I like to use this brush to apply an even layer onto my face and then blend with the sponge. I find that this gets me the best coverage, an even layer and the sponge soaks up less product than what it would if I were dipping it in.




F70 – Concealer


I use a sponge for concealer as well so I just use this brush as a precise eyeshadow brush. I especially like it for highlighting parts of my eye such as my brow bone, inner corner or the centre of my lid.





E65 – Small Angle



This brush works so well for eyeliner whether it be gel or a powder. Whenever I do eyeliner with my eyeshadows I always use this brush as I find that the shape makes it really easy to draw a straight line.

This brush would  also be great for applying product to your eyebrows whether it be a powder or a pomade.



E05 – Eyeliner



I hardly use this brush because I prefer the shape of the other brush for eyeliner but you could use this one the exact same way. This brush will also work really well as a lip brush as the tip is really precise, if  that’s something that you’d use.



E30 – Pencil


This brush is perfect for applying eyeshadow to your lower lash line and getting right under your lashes. I like to go in after with a small fluffy brush to soften it up a bit.





E40 – Tapered Blending



This could quite possibly be my most favourite brush of the kit. It’s so perfect for blending out eyeshadow whether it be in the crease or the outer V. This is definitely my most used brush.




E55 – Eye Shading


I hardly ever use this brush. Occasionally I’ll use it on my lower lash line but that’s about it. It’s nice and dense though which would make it perfect for packing on pigment onto small spaces.





E60 – Large Shader


This is the perfect brush for packing eyeshadow onto the lid. It covers a wide space which makes it so much quicker to apply eyeshadow onto the lid and can then easily be blended out with a fluffy brush.





E70 – Medium Angled Shading


I mostly use this brush for contouring my nose. I find that it’s nice and precise which means that my contour goes exactly where I put it. I then normally blend out the contour lines with a fluffier brush. This brush would also work well for the crease of your eye for precise application.




Bonus Brush: P86 – Precision Tapered


This is the brush that I use the least because I have no idea what it could possibly be for.

Ok so I looked it up, and Sigma says “The P86 Angled Precision™ features a small, dense and tapered brush head. Made with exclusive Sigmax® fibres, this brush was designed to mimic your fingertips and great for applying concealer to rounded areas of the face such as the nose without any absorption of product.” Now that I know this, I’ll try using it around my nose and near the tear ducts of my eyes because those are the areas that I struggle most to blend foundation into.



The last brush that I mentioned (P86 – Precision Tapered) is vegan and cruelty free as it’s made form the Sigmax fibres which are synthetic. They also have a collection of brushes called “SigmaTech” which are cruelty free. As for the rest of their brushes, this is their statement:

“Sigma does not conduct, condone or endorse testing on animals. While some of our natural fiber brushes are made from animal hair and our makeup is not vegan, no animals are harmed during the manufacturing process. We are transitioning into our exclusive synthetic brush fibers SigmaTech® and Sigmax® which are cruelty-free.”

While it’s awesome that they don’t test on animals, i can’t help but wonder how they use animal hair without harming or stressing out the animal in any way. If I were to buy any more Sigma brushes, I’ll definitely be sure to get them from the cruelty free range and I recommend that if you’re interested, to do the same. I doubt that I’ll need to replace any of these brushes for a long time though as the are so high quality and so durable.

I do love Sigma’s brushes so if you’re in the market for brushes, I’d definitely suggest having a look at this brand. This kit retails for $288 AUD which is on the expensive side of the brush world but they do have a 2 year warranty. Brands such as Morphe, Real Techniques and even Zoeva are much cheaper.

You can purchase Sigma from Sephora or from their website.




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