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Sukin Face Skincare

I’ve been using Sukin skincare for almost a year now so I feel like I have formed a pretty solid opinion on it. I decided to start trying it out because their products use such natural ingredients, are vegan, don’t test on animals and are really affordable. The face products that I started trying out were the cream cleanser, facial scrub and moisturiser and now I can safely say that they’re a part of my routine, day and night.

Cream Cleanser

Sukin also offer a foaming cleanser but I much prefer how gentle the cream one feels on my face. The foam one does remove makeup slightly better, but I don’t rely on my cleanser to remove my makeup so that’s not an issue for me. My face feels so clean, fresh and hydrated after using it, which is super important to me for a cleanser to be able to do. It also has an amazing smell of citrus and lavender. I find the cleanser to be really comparable to the Ella Bache Creme Douce Demaquillant which also a cream cleanser but 7 times the price. I use this cleanser every morning and every evening.

This product costs $9.99AUD from Priceline.

Facial Scrub

I enjoy using a scrub on the days that I feel that my skin needs an extra thorough clean to remove any dead skin and make sure that my pores don’t get clogged. I use this scrub at least 3 times a week. I also like that it’s not as harsh on my skin as other exfoliators that I’ve tried, so I could use it every day if i wanted to. You only need the tiniest amount of product per use. I still haven’t finished the first bottle that I purchased a year ago. I really enjoy this product and it always leaves my face feeling really smooth and not overly scrubbed.

This product also costs $9.99AUD from Priceline.

Facial Moisturiser

I absolutely love this moisturiser! I love using it in the morning or before i put on makeup because it’s so nice and thin and you hardly feel it on your face, but it’s still so moisturising. I can’t stand putting on a thick layer of moisturiser right before a full face of makeup. I don’t however, use this moisturiser in the evening as I do prefer something thicker and even more hydrating.

This product usually costs $9.99 AUD but Priceline sometimes offer bottles like the one I have shown where you get a bigger size for only $2 more and save 40%. ‘



I thoroughly enjoy all of these products and would definitely recommend them if your skin type is similar to my own (oily T-zone, normal everywhere else). I’m keen to try out their other ranges of products such as the Super Greens range in the future. .

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