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Current Favourites 

So this was meant to be a March Favourites,  but I realised that we’re almost half way through April so I just turned it into a Current Favourites :). Many of the things that I’ll mention I’ve already done a post on (which I’ll link) or if not, there’ll be one coming so all of the descriptions will be brief.


Chichi BB cream


I’ve bought this BB cream in January of this year so that I could have a light layer of foundation to wear all throughout the Summer on a more casual basis. I use the colour “medium” which matched my summer skin tone perfectly.

I love this BB cream because you can build your coverage to however you want it to be. When I go to uni, I just want to even out my skin tone so I put a couple dots of the product all over my face that I blend out with a sponge for a really light layer. If I’m going out during the day I’ll use 2 pumps and put an even layer all over my face for a medium coverage. If I ever want a fuller coverage, I’ll add a bit more product to my problem areas. It doesn’t oxidise, lasts really well and doesn’t feel greasy on the skin.

I love that it has an easy to use pump bottle and that the formula isn’t too thick (like the Revlon one) or too runny (like the Garnier one). It is quite heavily fragranced but the smell doesn’t last on your skin.

Read about this BB Cream in more depth here.

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Jeffree Star Skin Frost: Peach Goddess


Oh my God! Since receiving this for my birthday in February I have hardly used any other one of my highlighters. If I had to choose one highlighter to use for the rest of my life, it would definitely be this one! It has a huge pan and mirror, only costs $43AUD and is insanely pigmented. This colour suits my skin tone perfectly, but they also have many other colours in the range so if this isn’t for you, you’ll definitely find one that is.

I’ve also just purchased Jeffree’s newest release with Manny MUA which is the Skin Frost in Eclipse and I’m so excited to start using it.

Read about this highlighter in more detail in my blog post.

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Models Prefer Brow Fixing Gel


I have been in need of a new brow gel for ages now since I never liked how my MAC gel made my eyebrows look ashy and grey. I decided to just try a clear one from the drugstore as I like how my eyebrows look when they’re filled in and I didn’t feel a need to have a tinted gel, and I don’t think that the higher-end brow gels can do anything significantly better.

I have thoroughly been enjoying this gel as it keeps my brows in place without affecting their colour or getting too clumpy. I really can’t fault it and it only costs $12.99AUD.

download ❤

Moroccan Oil 


I have mentioned this product previously in my hair curling routine and I have fallen in love with it even more. I love to using this oil to add nourishment and moisture back into my hair after I’ve washed it. While it’s still damp I’ll run one pump of the product through my hair (not my roots though) so that when it dries it doesn’t frizz and it feels soft right up until the next wash. Sometimes if my hair is being extra frizzy I’ll add a small amount of this product to the end of my hair which smoothes it out and gives it a nice curl. I always make sure to use this oil after applying heat to my hair so that I don’t get split ends.

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Lush lip balm + Lip scrub


I’ve had the Bubblegum Lip Scrub for ages now and I’ve always been lazy about using. Recently I have had really dry lips, which get especially bad after wearing a liquid lipstick so I decided just to force myself to use it and see if it helped. I can assure you, that it definitely did as all the dry and flakey skin gets scrubbed off which leaves my lips feeling soft and smooth. Although the bubblegum flavour smells nice, it is quite strong so if I ever get another one, I’d like a more subtle flavour. I also choose to wipe it off my lips instead of licking it off because I find it too sweet.
This scrub costs $9.95AUD for 25g.  

One of my favourite lip balms of all time is the Lush lip balm in Honey Trap. I find that a lot of lip balms may feel moisturising, but will just dry out my lips more in the long run so that I’ll keep using the product. This definitely doesn’t do that! I often apply this lip balm right before I go to bed and in the morning I can feel how soft, smooth and hydrated they are. I just wish that they’d make this lip balm in a stick because sometimes when I’m out and about, I don’t always feel that my hands are clean enough to apply lip balm with.
This lip balm costs $12.95AUD for 12g. 

I love and would highly recommend this product combination as they just compliment each other so well.

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Nude By Nature Touch of Glow Highlighter Stick: Champagne


I have been using this highlighter stick for ages now and I love it now, just as much as I did when I bought it. It’s so pigmented without being too shimmery and making you look like a disco ball. I love warming it up in my finger tips before applying it to my cheekbones as it melts into the skin much easier. For a more natural look, I like to use it on its own and for a full glam makeup look, I put a powder highlighter over it.
This highlighter stick costs $24.95AUD.Read more about this product in my blog post.

download ❤


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