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NYX High Definition Blush

During Priceline’s most recent 40% off cosmetics sale, I decided to try out a blush from NYX. My method of choosing was to find the one that wasn’t broken or had its packaging torn that I’d still like. Thus, I  have landed with the shade, Amber.


First off, I really like the packaging of this product. Even though it doesn’t have a mirror, it’s small and compact and the product pan takes up the entire space of the package, rather than having wasted space for borders and decoration. This was a pleasant surprise to me as I thought that the pan would be a small circle like the window in the lid. I think that this blush will definitely be my go-to for travelling as it’s so small and compact.

The shade itself is like a matte peachy deep rose and it’s surprisingly very pigmented. I found that the first time that I applied this product I used way too much because I was expecting it to be of really poor quality. It feels super soft to touch, not buttery like an eyeshadow but still very smooth. There can be a little bit of fall out so make sure that you tap the excess off your brush before applying it to your face. I think that this colour would compliment many skin tones beautifully, particularly the tanner to medium ones due to its deeper undertones.


This blush retails for $12.95AUD from Priceline. I think this is great value for money as they are very comparable to the Tarte blushes and as most people don’t need many blushes, 2 different shades of the NYX High Definition will probably last a lifetime.

I’d be interested in trying more of NYX’ blushes to see if the quality is consistent throughout the different types.

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