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NYX Retractable Eyeliner Review + Revlon Eyeliner Comparison

Since my Revlon ColourStay eyeliner ran out, I decided to try a different brand for the first time to see how they compared. I had heard great reviews about the NYX one and it was super affordable so I decided to give it a go.


In terms of packaging, it’s almost identical to the Revlon one as it’s retractable and sleek. However, it doesn’t have a sharpener in the back of it but I find that it doesn’t need to be sharpened like the Revlon one did. I love that it’s retractable so I never have to worry about it getting blunt or packing sharpeners with me when I’m travelling.

When I first tried this eyeliner, my immediate thought was that it glides on so much more smoothly than the Revlon one. I always used to think that the Revlon one was smooth and creamy but now I’ve realised that it really isn’t. The NYX eyeliner is so creamy and doesn’t tug on my eyelid at all or move my eyeshadow. I also find that it’s super black and pigmented all the time, whereas the Revlon one would start to fade due to a build up of eyeshadow on the tip, hence why I needed to sharpen it.


The tight line of the eye

Due to how smooth and creamy it is, it’s really easy to apply the eyeliner in my tight line as it doesn’t pull or irritate my eyes at all. This is super important to me as I have very sensitive eyes and they often flinch or blink whenever I try to put a product near them. I like to be able to apply the product as quickly and as easily as possible so that they don’t get too irritated.

Notice the darkness in my inner corner? That’s the eyeliner that travelled down.

My only issue and unfortunately it’s a doozy is that the NYX eyeliner transfers really easily. What I mean by this is that throughout the day while wearing it, the eyeliner will begin to move and slide into my inner tear duct. This really bothers me as it’s quite noticeable and my inner corner is an area that I want looking bright rather than having dark eyeliner. The Revlon eyeliner never ever did this because its colour stay action was so strong.

Unfortunately, due to this reason, I probably wouldn’t repurchase or recommend this eyeliner for eyelid use regardless of all the great aspects of it. I still want to continue experimenting with eyeliners to hopefully find a cruelty free brand that works well. I may repurchase this eyeliner for using in my tight line if I don’t find another that’s as smooth.

This product retails for $9.95 which is extremely affordable and great value, especially when compared to the Revlon one at $23.95. You can purchase the NYX eyeliner from their website or Priceline.


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