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Bondi Sands Everyday Gradual Tanning Milk

I’m quite new to the world of fake tanning. As I have the typical olive, Medeterannian skin tone, I have never felt a need to fake tan which I am quite thankful for because it seems to be a lot of effort. But at the end of summer this year, I was sad to have to say goodbye to my summer tan. So I decided to try a gradual tanner as it seemed to be low maintenance, and I was hoping it could give me my summer glow all year long. I chose the Bondi Sands Tanner as it’s a well-known and highly-loved brand that I have heard great things about from the people who regularly tan.

The gradual tanner works just like a moisturiser. You don’t need a mitt to apply it, and it’s a white cream rather than a brown moose (pull your minds out of the gutter, we’re just talking about fake tan). It’s not an extreme tan at all and won’t show up super dark the next day. In fact, my problem with it is that it hardly showed up at all…

I used the gradual tanner almost every day for about 2 weeks and I only noticed its presence twice. Once, the next day I saw some orange patches in between my fingers. I guess that I must have left a thicker patch of tan there that I didn’t rub in. After that, I made sure to rub in the tan all around my hands and it didn’t happen again. The second time that I noticed it was on a really hot day after work, the underwire part of my bra had rubbed off the tan as I had been sweating. There were orange clumpy bits and you could see patches of my slightly paler skin on each side. This was an easy fix though, I used my Soap n Glory body breakfast scrub to remove it.

Aside from these, there was never another time that I noticed the fake tan on myself or a time that I felt any more tan (unfortunately I didn’t take any photos). It could be because I’m too dark for it to show up, but I felt that after a week or so, it should build up to be maybe just a tad lighter than a moose fake tan. Something else that I didn’t like about this product is the smell omg! It’s meant to smell like coconut, but to me, it’s just that typical strong fake tan smell that lingered on me all day long. I didn’t like that aspect at all. Another issue that I had was that the product doesn’t last long. I’m not sure how long they normally last for or how many uses are meant to be in a bottle, but after 2 weeks of almost everyday use, I had used up a quarter of the bottle, which seems like a lot to me.

So I’m left a bit unsure. It’s definitely not my favourite product but I’m not opposed to using it again. I feel as though I might have been a bit naive through this whole trial and maybe I was expecting all the wrong things or my expectations were too high. I have heard from some people that they like to use it towards the end period of their fake tan to help it last longer, so maybe that’s when it works best. I’m not sure. I’m considering trying this product again in the middle of winter when I’ll be palest to see if it shows up then.

If you’re someone who is an experienced fake/gradual tanner that has any advice to offer, please do! I just want something that’s low maintenance where I don’t have to go through a week-long process to make sure I’m shaved, exfoliated, moisturised, can reach my back and then wash my sheets after the whole thing. That’s just way too much effort for my liking.

This product retails for $17.99 from Priceline which isn’t too expensive. I like how accessible it is and that Bondi Sands have a huge range to choose from.


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