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My Current Favourite Lipsticks

So the past few posts have been about products that I didn’t really like and I was ready to do another one when a decided that that was enough negativity for now and that I’d throw a post in about products that I really like. So here we are.
For my current favourite lipsticks, I thought I’d attempt to choose one from each category which is definitely easier said than done because I am a massive liquid lipstick junkie.
Note: I use the word “lipstick” loosely. I’m aware that a lip gloss isn’t a lipstick.

Liquid Lipstick

I have decided to choose more than one, a) because I really struggled to pick and b) because I mention one of the brands in a different category so I thought I’d throw in another one for the purpose of variety.

NYX Lip Lingerie: Ruffle Trim

This could potentially be my number one from the entire list… but let’s  not get too ahead of ourselves.
There is so much that I love about this lipstick that I don’t even know where to begin…
It’s so easy to apply as it has a really smooth and creamy formula with a very precise applicator. It lasts on your lips allllll day long as it has a matte finish and stays pretty well after eating and drinking (unless the food was particularly oily). It isn’t ideal for layering as it can get a bit clumpy, but hardly any liquid lipsticks are. I absolutely adore this colour. It’s a beautiful warm peachy nude that I find compliments my skin tone, as well as any outfit and makeup-look perfectly. Whenever I don’t know what shade to wear, I’ll almost always go for this one.

You can purchase this product for $14.95AUD from Priceline. Read about other NYX lip products in my previous blog post. 

download ❤

Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick: Androgyny

I love the velour liquid lipstick formula so I just had to mention it but picking a shade was a real struggle.

Similar to the NYX Lip Lingerie, these liquid lipsticks are super long-wearing and easy to apply but they’re also able to be layered! The formula is so lightweight that it doesn’t clump up on the lips that much so doing a top up is never a hassle. As much as I love the shades Celebrity Skin and Gemini, Androgyny is just so special and beautiful! The Jeffree Star Cosmetics website even says “Be warned: this shade might be your new obsession 😉 Sultry, plum mauve, matte and extremely addicting” which I couldn’t agree more. In the tube, it can look a little intimidating because it looks quite purple and unwearable but on the lips, it is just STUN-NING! It becomes a very wearable berry/plum that is perfect for Autumn and Winter.  I feel like it compliments tanner skin tones really nicely but could still work for anyone.

This product retails for $18.00USD from the Jeffree Star Cosmetics website.

download ❤


Creme Lipstick

Lipsticks from this brand have been the only actual lipstick bullets that I’ve been using recently, this one is my favourite shade:

SASH Cosmetics Luminous Lipstick – Attitude

This is a brand that I’ve recently been trying. They’re an Australian brand which I LOVE. I’m always open to supporting local start-up brands.
I have a few shades from the collection including Last Dance, Desert Queen and Attitude. As I am very into my nude shades, Attitude quickly became my favourite and I love that it’s a very brown nude. It’s the most perfect shade for a tan-medium skin tone. It might look a bit beige in photos and swatches, but once it’s on, the warm pink tones of my lips still show through (in a good way though). These lipsticks are creamy, buttery, easy to apply and fairly long lasting which is always appreciated. They have a satin finish which feels much more hydrating on the lips than a matte finish.

Here is a swatch comparison in case you were wondering.

I’m so happy that I found this brand and I can’t wait to see what other collections they come out with. I’ve always been a fan of MAC’s Velvet Teddy so I hope one day SASH Cosmetics bring out a dupe.

This product retails for $16.95 from the SASH Cosmetics website.  Read more about their lipsticks in this review.

download ❤


Lip Gloss

In a lip gloss, there are a couple things that I look for: pigmentation and little to no stickiness. These lipglosses definitely achieve that.

NYX Intense butter gloss: Chocolate Crepe

This lipgloss formula is definitely the most pigmented that I have ever tried. I can wear the gloss without a lipstick underneath and it’s still full coverage. It’s really easy to apply as it has a slim wand that is easy to line the lips with and although it is a tiny bit sticky, it’s not overly sticky or anything unbearable. I don’t feel like my lips get stuck when I rub them together. The next thing that I absolutely love about this lipgloss is the colour itself. It’s a gorgeous nude shade with red-brown undertones. I find it to be a very unique shade as I don’t have any other lip product that is even remotely similar.

This product retails for $12.95AUD from Priceline. Read more in my previous blog post. 

download ❤

Clarins Instant Natural Lip Perfector: 03 (Nude Shimmer)

This isn’t a lip gloss that I’d wear on its own like the NYX one, although if you like the sheer gloss look, you definitely could. I love wearing this lipgloss over nude matte lipsticks to add some moisture, hydration and shine. Sometimes I’m totally down for the matte look, but when I’m not, this is my favourite gloss to use. I love that it’s nice and thin, unlike the NYX one, so it’s good for layering with products. It’s also not sticky AT ALL! Instead, it’s quite creamy which is amazing. It’s quite a light nude so it’ll slightly lighten any lip colour that you’re putting it over, but I don’t mind that at all sometimes it’s actually the look that I’m trying to achieve.
NOTE: I have the mini version of this product that I got in a gift pack. Also, on the product, it only has the shade number instead of the name.

This (full size) product retails for $30AUD which is a pretty standard price for a high-end lipgloss but I still find it quite expensive seeing as it has such little pigmentation compared to a lipstick or a liquid lipstick. So I probably wouldn’t buy this but now that I have it, I LOVE it!  You can purchase this product from their website or Myer.

As you can see… I have a type. I love nude lipsticks sooo much but on the occasion that I’m not wearing nude, I’ll wear a plum or a red. Here is a photo of all of the lipsticks swatched together so you can see a more accurate colour comparison.



I hope you found this post helpful and possibly found a new favourite lipstick.

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