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Soap & Glory Body Products

About 12 weeks ago I was casually browsing through one of my local Meccas when I decided to give the Soap & Glory products a sniff to get me in a good mood, as they always do…not in a weird way but just in a “UUUGGGHHHHH YUUMMMMMM” kind of way. Ya know? As I was obsessing over the amazing scents, I glanced over the price for the first time. The reason I had never done this before was because I always assumed that the products would be expensive because of the brands in Mecca are high end. WELL! Let me tell you, they are pretty reasonably priced at under $20 for each product! You’re welcome.


Firstly, the packaging of Soap & Glory products is absolutely gorgeous. The pink, grey and pastel yellow colour scheme is right up my alley and suits my aesthetic to. a. T! I also love all the retro, 50’s style font and images of women in black and white that add a really fun vibe to the products.

Foam Call Body Wash – 500ml – $11.00


So first off, I’ve been using this body wash every day for 12 weeks and I’m not even half way. So that’s a win in itself. Secondly, we need to talk about the scent…omg. It’s “infused with peppermint essential oils, fig, orange and grape seed extracts” and just smells really fresh and fruity. Every time I shower I always feel so refreshed afterwards, not just in a physically clean way but also mentally refreshed (which would be especially good for a morning shower). I haven’t noticed any particular differences in my skin since using it. It definitely isn’t worse though so I guess that’s good. It doesn’t feel dry and the scent lingers really pleasantly so that you’re smelling fresh and fruity all day long. I love this product and I’d highly recommend it although when this finishes, I’d like to try a different scent just to change things up.

The Breakfast Scrub – 300ml – $14.00


Now I haven’t been using this scrub as consistently as I would have liked to (1-2times a week), instead I’ve been using it about once every 2 weeks because I often forget, feel lazy or I’m in a hurry. So my goal is definitely to start using it more frequently for optimal results. In that time I’ve used about a quarter of the entire tub which is such great value. The scent….is to DIE FOR! It smells of maple syrup and pancakes and crepes and all that deliciousness that is breakfast comfort foods – a moment of appreciation for breakfast comfort foods <3. The sugar scrub is gentle enough on the skin that it doesn’t hurt or sting afterwards (I’ve experienced that before), but still coarse enough that it gets rid of all the dead skin leaves my skin feeling silky smooth. I will just mention that I would grab smaller handfuls of it at a time for each section of your body as it is quite chunky and can fall apart quite easily and land up on your shower floor…
I would still highly recommend this product and I’ll definitely be repurchasing it when it eventually runs out. For a more in-depth review click here!

The Righteous Butter – 300ml – $18.00


If you believe that you have used a better body butter than this… please enlighten me as to what it is because I really don’t believe you. I have used body butter from The Body Shop and Lush but this one definitely takes the cake. It’s so rich and creamy and leaves your skin feeling so smooth and hydrated. The scent…is on another level. It’s Soap & Glory’s original “Pink” scent which smells of “bergamot, strawberries and mandarin, with floral and fruity mid notes and musk, amber and warm vanilla notes on the bottom”. What more could you ask for in a scent?
My only itty bittie issue with this product is that it runs out pretty quickly. I like to moisturise my whole body (ideally every night, realistically I used this once a week because I always forget), and I’m about half way through this tub and I can almost guarantee that it would be empty if I used it every night, which isn’t ideal.
In saying that, I would still definitely purchase this again and again and again because I don’t think I could ever get enough of it.


If you have any other favourites from Soap & Glory, please be sure to let me know what they are!



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