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Travel Brushes and Tools


Note: If you haven’t read my travel makeup post, I suggest you start there and then come back to this one.

Usually, when I travel I try and stay really minimal with my brushes. The only brushes that I generally want a bit more of are my eye brushes. I usually take my Revlon brushes from my first ever brush set as they do the job but I won’t mind damaging them or losing them like I would with my precious Sigma brushes.

My Revlon brushes already come in a nice case that I can wrap my brushes in that will protect them from getting dirty, caught in zips or bent out of shape. I also like that it’s nice and lightweight, unlike my Sigma case that would protect my brushes well but is very very heavy.


So without further ado…my brushes:


Revlon Face Brush

For setting powder

Revlon Angled Brush

For blush and bronzer

Too Faced Mini Contour Brush (from the Cocoa Contour Kit)

For contouring

Revlon Mini Angled Brush

For my brows


For brows

Real Techniques Setting Brush

For highlighting and banana powder

Real Techniques Domed Shadow Brush

For blending deep inside the crease, the outer V and the lower lash line.

Sigma E40 – Tapered Blending Brush

For all round blending as it’s so much larger.

Sigma E60 – Large Shader

For packing onto the lid

Sigma F70 – Concealer

For highlighting the browbone and the inner corner

Sigma E70 – Medium Angled Shading

For nose contour, blending in the crease or the lower lash line.


Real Techniques Miracle Perfector Sponge

18834506_1546113012088409_798589794_n copy

For blending foundation and concealer (sorry I didn’t clean it for the photo).


Sleek Solstice Mirror


So the story behind this is that after I de-potted a bunch of my powders and eyeshadows, I realised that I don’t have a mirror to do my makeup with. So seeing as my Sleek Solstice palette was empty, I snapped off the mirror to take with me as it is such a good size. You may be wondering why a mirror is necessary when the accommodation will have a mirror… well, the fact of the matter is that it might not or the lighting may be terrible. The best place in terms of lighting, to do makeup is in natural light so I always like to take my own mirror so I can sit in the best place.


Revlon Tweezers – with light

18834506_1546113012088409_798589794_n copy 2

Tweezers are just a must for me when travelling but make sure you don’t keep them in your carry-on luggage!!

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful for you future travel endeavours.

Safe and happy travels!


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