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Australis Cheeky Tint Cream Blush

During Priceline’s most recent 40% off cosmetics sale, I decided to stray from my shopping list and pick up something a bit random. I’ve been trying to get into cream products more and more recently because I love the dewy and natural effect that they give to the face.


This product comes in the form of a stick which I think is far easier to use than a pan or pot as I can apply it directly to my cheeks. It also has a little sponge on the other side but I feel like it’s a bit too hard and stiff to use on my face so I prefer to use either my makeup sponge or my finger (generally I do a combination of both).


I have the shade “Frenzy” which is like a rosy pink that suits my skin tone really nicely. The blush itself is very soft and creamy so it applies onto my cheeks very easily and doesn’t move or pull or lift my foundation that’s underneath which I really like. It’s also not too pigmented which I also really like because it means that it’s easier for me to achieve the colour and amount of blush that I want as I can gradually build it up rather than putting too much. This product also blends out so easily and brings a very natural flush of colour to my cheeks, but as I said, you can build it up to as much or as little as you’d like.


My only issue with this product is that it seems to fade throughout the day and later on I won’t even be able to see the flush of colour at all. I’m not sure why this happens or how to fix it but I’m still getting used to only cream products so I’ll work it out.


Myself wearing the blush along with some other cream products that I’ll be reviewing soon.

It also comes in 3 other colours so whatever skin tone you have, I’m sure you’ll find one that suits you and it can also be used on the lips which I haven’t felt a need to try yet but that’s still cool. I’d be concerned that it would dry out my lips as they are far more sensitive than my face.


From left to right: Frenzy, Playful, Forbidden, Provocative




This product retails for $18.95AUD from Priceline which is somewhat expensive as many drugstore blushes are only around $10.00AUD but hey, it’s still cheaper than high end and it’s something that I’m very unlikely to ever run out of.


What cream products do you use? I’d love to know.


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