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Colour Pop Pressed Shadows


Ever since I started my single eyeshadow collection with Makeup Geek, I straight away loved how convenient it was to be able to choose the specific shades that I knew that I’d love, use and need for my collection. Thus, I was super excited when Colour Pop released their own single eyeshadow pans as I already love their brand, know that they have great quality products and that they’re affordable! What more could you ask for?!

They have an awesome shade variety and they’re all $5USD each (and currently all on sale), where as their main competitors Makeup Geek and Anastasia Beverly Hills have shades that range from $6USD to $12USD which can get quite pricey for a single shadow.

Overall I think the quality of the shadows is awesome and definitely on par with Makeup Geek and in my opinion, sometimes better. They’re highly, highly pigmented so I always have to be careful to take small amounts at a time and tap off the excess.  I can easily get away with not spraying my brush to pick up more pigment but there are certain shades that I do it for anyway which I’ll go into below. All of the shadows that I have are very easy to blend out and require very little effort to do so.

I’m putting a ❤ next to my absolute favourite, must have shades.

Bouquet Toss


This shade was part of their Valentine’s Day collection and it immediately drew my eye as I was in need of a peachy pink shimmer. I like to dampen my brush or use my finger to apply this shade to achieve the best pigmentation result, however, it’s not a necessity and it would look great without it anyway. It’s a beautiful highlight shade for the centre of the lid, the inner corner or for darker skin tones, the brow bone.

Come and Get It 



This was one of the first shades that I bought and I instantly fell in love with the gold shimmer throughout the pink shadow. It’s not a very strong duo-chrome shade as the website describes it, but it still definitely has that aspect to it there which you can see a bit of in the above photo. Regardless, it’s a very beautiful shimmer. I also dampen my brush or use my finger for this shade to achieve the best pigmentation results.

Save It For Later ❤




This is by far the best out of the shimmer shades in terms of pigmentation and colour pay off. I never ever feel a need to wet my brush because it is so pigmented all on its own. This rich gold is one of my favourites as it’s not too yellow or too cool toned and suits my skin tone and the looks that I like to do perfectly. In my opinion, it’s a must-have colour in every eyeshadow collection. It reminds me a lot of Too Faced’s “Honey Pot” shadow which I also have and love.

Wait For It


This is also one of the first shades that I bought as I had nothing else like it in my entire makeup collection. It’s a beautiful matte vibrant peach that would suit many skin tones. It’s not until recently that I’ve really started using it quite a bit and I love it, it’s now one of my favourites. I use it as a transition shade for a peachy-gold Summer look, however, I’m keen to start experimenting with it more now that Spring is coming up. If you like doing pink toned looks then this shade is definitely for you!

Take The Lead


This is a matte grey toned brown taupe kind of shade and is definitely the one that I’ve used the least. It’s not a shade that I’d typically go for but I bought it because I had nothing else like it in my collection and I watched a review where someone used it and said it was surprisingly good went really well with another shade called “silver lining” which I thought I bought but never did. But I’m keen to experiment with it some more and try some cool toned looks.

Top Notch ❤ 


When I first saw this shadow when I received it in the mail my first thought was “why on earth did I buy another brown?!” BUT LET ME TELL YOU, IT’S MY NUMBER 1 FAVOURITE SHADE…PROBABLY EVER. It’s not just any brown. Top Notch is a beautiful matte terracotta brown with warm red undertones. I love it so so soo much and use it for almost every look to deepen my crease and bring warmth to the eye. If you love warm-toned eyeshadow as much as I do, I urge you to buy this shade – you will not regret it.

Popular Demand ❤ 


This has a similar story to Top Notch where I opened it up and thought “why?”. But again, it has quickly become one of my most loved and most used shades. Popular Demand is a stunning matte pink/red-brown. It’s a bit darker than how it appears on the website and swatches a bit more pink (or at least it does for me). I absolutely love it though and it’s a perfect companion for Top Notch.

Stay Golden


This shade is a gorgeous matte hot pink that has the slightest bit of a cool tone to it. But only very very slightly. It’s one of my more recent additions as I have been getting very into the warm pink/berry/purple look this Autumn/Winter. I have nothing else like it in my entire collection and I’ve really been enjoying using it. I still haven’t gone all-out and done a bright pink eye but I like using a bit of it in my crease or outer corner to darken up a berry-eye or add a bit more pink. I’m excited to use this more though.

Cloud Nine ❤


This was also one of the first shades that I bought and at the time I was stepping out of my comfort zone quite a bit because it’s a very odd colour. It’s a matte plummy brown with a bit of a grey tinge to it, but it’s still warm. I wasn’t sure what I would do with it at the time that I bought it but I quickly fell in love and now it’s my go-to “dark shade”. What I mean by that is that I often use it instead of a black as it’s less harsh which makes it much easier to blend out. I also love it as I use a lot of berry tones on my eyes, that it goes so well with them. I can’t recommend this shade enough if you love doing similar eye looks to me or are a bit hesitant to use black eyeshadow – it’s PERFECT.

Another awesome thing is that Colour Pop have a deal where if you buy 4 pressed shadows or pigments, you get a free palette which has 4 spaces for the eyeshadows. This is great because you don’t have to go out and buy another palette separately. Now, I know what you’re thinking “4 shadow spaces isn’t a lot of room, what if I buy more shadows?”, well, I have the answer. You can easily pull out the foam divider (at your own shadows risk) as there is a whole magnet strip underneath.
Here is a tutorial on how to do that. I recommend watching it so you can do it properly and know the potential risk.
I did it with my palette and I’m so happy that I did because I went from being able to fit 4 shadows to fitting 10, which is a great amount for travelling.


Shades featured from top left to right: MUG White Lies, MUG Creme Brulee, MUG Cabin Fever (i think), CP Popular Demand, CP Stay Golden, CP Save It For Later, CP Come and Get It, CP Wait For It, MUG Bitten, CP Cloud Nine

Overall I love these shadows and would definitely buy more of them. I think they’re great value for money, extremely high quality and I’d recommend them to anyone.






Colour Pop’s Website ❤


I hope you found this post useful and helped you with your Colour Pop Pressed Shadow purchases. What is your favourite Colour Pop product? Have you used single pressed shadows from any other brands? I’d love to know! ❤


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