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Makeup Geek Contour


For my birthday earlier in February I received the Makeup Geek Contour pan in the shade “Half Hearted”. I had asked for it because I thought it would be great for my upcoming travels as I could store it in a palette with other powders and it would take up less space. Now that my travels are over I can share how it all went.

I stored it in my Colour Pop palette along with my banana powder, cream highlight and powder highlight. It was very space efficient and worked really well for me.

If you’d like to know what other makeup products I took with me, you can have a look here! 😀


The product itself is awesome! It’s the perfect shade because it’s nice and cool toned so it works really well to contour and creates a great illusion of a shadow. It’s quite dark, however, so if your skin tone is any lighter than mine, I’d definitely recommend choosing a lighter shade. It’s extremely pigmented, so much so that I suggest going in with a very light hand, tapping off excess product and using a fluffy brush rather than a dense one so you don’t apply too much. It’s always easier to build it up to the desired amount than to take away. Due to the very intense pigmentation, it can be a bit of an effort to use and isn’t something that you can easily use when you’re in a hurry. It definitely requires you to take your time and apply it gradually.


In saying this, it’s still a great product and looks beautiful on the skin and blends really well. If it’s something you’re interested in, and you feel relatively comfortable with your contouring ability then I’d highly recommend it.

Below are photos of myself wearing the contour.




This product retails for $10USD from their website which is a pretty good price for such a high-quality contour.

Makeup Geek products are also sold on Beauty Bay where they’re often cheaper so always check there as well!

download ❤

I hope you found this post helpful. What’s your favourite contour product? I’d love to know!


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