Sailing Croatia: Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik: Mala Buza Bar

Our Croatian adventure started in Dubrovnik where we stayed in a very cute apartment within the Old Town which was the ideal location. Although it was difficult getting our luggage up all the stairs, through the narrow paths and past all the people, we were right in the midst of the action and we loved it. We stayed right near the Mala Buza Bar which is a major tourist attraction as it’s a bar located on the rock which is also a swimming point. We spent the whole day exploring all of the little alley ways, the sea-side bars and restaurants and admiring the incredible structure of the old town itself.

Dubrovnik: Mala Buza Bar
DSC00440 copy
Dubrovnik: Mala Buza Bar
Dubrovnik alley ways
DSC00453 copy
Dubrovnik: Old Town
Dubrovnik: Old Town
Dubrovnik: Old Town
Dubrovnik: Old Town

The town is surrounded by extremely large walls which were built even before the 8th century to protect the town from attackers and later on after its rebuild, earthquakes. The town is surrounded by water and only has a few gate entrances that have draw bridges. Hence, there are no cars inside the old town (which also means a taxi can’t drop you off right outside of your accommodation). Each gate has guards standing on either side, as they would have back in the earlier centuries.

Dubrovnik: Old Town


Dubrovnik: Gates

In between a couple of the gates, there was a “town square” type area that had a strip of shops, lots of tour guides, the Franjevacki samostan and the most legendary ice-cream shop that I had even been to. Unfortunately, I don’t have the name of it, but trust me, you’ll know it when you see it.

Franjevacki samostan


19598438_1577546208945089_3445750615047272586_n (1) copy
The best ice cream (sorbet) that I’ve ever had


One of my favourite finds in the quaint alley ways of the old town was the Christmas shop. Any one who knows me knows that I have a Christmas obsession and to find an all year round Christmas shop was simply heaven. They had so many beautiful ornaments that I wanted to bring home but they were so delicate that they would have broken I my suitcase. I did buy a small plastic one to always remind me of my trip and this special little shop.

I have to give a special mention to Konoba-Pizzeria Ispod Mira. It’s an Italian style restaurant that is really well priced and has pizza, pasta, salads and a few other random dishes. The restaurant may not look that fancy or like anything special, but oh my lord… let me tell you… it was the best pizza that I have ever had…in my entire life. Given, I haven’t been to Italy, but if pizza can actually get better than this… I’ll be shook.  The restaurant is located just a bit further up from the Buza Bar and is really easy to spot because of the bright green fake lawn.


After our day in Dubrovnik, we headed to the port to begin our Sail Croatia cruise on the Aurora boat. Our boat was filled with Australians as well as 1 quite large Canadian family, 2 pairs of Americans and 1 British couple (the other 27 people were Aussies). We were in for quite an adventure…

Next stop: Mljet!



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