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Australis Elixir Serum Foundation


While there was a “3 for 2” deal on Australis products at Priceline, I decided to give this foundation a go, even though I was skeptical, along with the Midas Touch Primer and the Ready Set Go Loose Finishing Powder.

The lady at Priceline did warn me that it would be a very sheer, light coverage; similar to a BB cream so I wasn’t expecting any kind of full coverage foundation. I was hoping it would be able to even out my skin tone a little bit while still giving a nice finish for day-to-day wear.

The first thing that I noticed about this foundation was how runny it is!! It’s literally the consistency of water. Although this is good considering that it has a dropper dispenser so a decent amount of product comes out, it’s just a bit annoying to work with. It’s hard to show in a photo but I held my hand up for a second and you can see how much it started dripping.



My favourite way to apply foundation 99% of the time is with a damp sponge. For me, it just gives the best, most skin-like, yet still airbrushed finish. However, sponges aren’t ideal to use when the foundation is very thin and runny as they often absorb more of the product compared to if the foundation were thicker. Hence, when I started using the Elixir foundation I wasn’t having a good time.

Recently, I received my first set of oval brushes from Simple Glam Girls which are very very dense compared to any of the other brushes that I had. This means that no product gets absorbed and instead, it can be evenly blended into the skin. Thus, this is my favourite method for applying the Elixir Foundation. I drop the foundation directly onto my face and then blend it in with the large oval brush.

This foundation definitely does even out my skin tone while still allowing my actual skin to show through which I like but it can’t be built to a medium coverage so it isn’t the most versatile. It does feel very comfortable on the skin though and lasts relatively well throughout the day. Also, something to note is that I’m quite tanned at the moment, and this foundation is matched to my paler skin, but because it’s so sheer I’m able to wear it anyway so there’s a bit of leeway with the shade matching. I have the shade Neutral N20.

Left half- Foundation. Right half: no foundation

This foundation retails for $24.95AUD from Priceline or BigW which is extremely overpriced for such a sheer, watery foundation. It definitely doesn’t feel like it’s worth the money and I wouldn’t recommend or repurchase it. There are far better BB creams and sheer foundations out there.

download ❤

It’s interesting because Australis has been on a roll with launching heaps of new products that are on trend and in demand but from what I’ve tried they haven’t been that great… and it just makes me wonder who tests these products? do they even test the product? Do they have a variety of people with a variety of skin types wear a product all day long with various combinations of other products? Because it doesn’t seem like it.

I hope you found this post helpful. What’s your favourite Australis product? I’d love to know!


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