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Easy Dressing Table LED Light DIY


We all know the importance of good lighting when it comes to doing makeup. It allows you to ensure that your foundation matches your neck, your contour isn’t too heavy, that your bronzer isn’t too orange and that your highlight isn’t too strong (if that’s even possible). However, for as long as I can remember, getting the lighting right in my room (after the sun has gone down) so that I can do my makeup has been a constant challenge. I’ve had to deal with a yellow-toned down light behind where I sit which casts lots of shadows across my face. I always end up needing to raise my mirror and angle it upwards so the yellow light (which isn’t ideal) can reflect off my mirror and onto my face. Yes, it’s as painful of a process as it sounds. Not to mention that each room I go to thereafter makes my makeup look completely different so I end up going back to my dressing table to either add makeup or try to remove some. Ugh, what I nightmare.

Recently, I just happened to stumble across a LED light DIY video where a guy was showing all these cool and different things that can be done with a strip of LED lights. This is what gave me the inspiration for the LED light strip surrounding the mirror of my dressing table so I could have even, front on lights.

The result is fantastic and I’m absolutely obsessed with how it turned out. They’re so bright that I’m not even sure how I did my makeup during the day, even though I have big windows. I promise you, it’s a super easy DIY hence, I want to show you how I did it.

Below is a before and after pic of without, and with the lights (sorry for the potato camera quality).

Step 1

We purchased two sets of 1 meter LED lights from ALDI! Yes, you read right, ALDI! Each packet was only $15AUD and comes with a 1-year warranty. They’re battery operated and the strip and battery pack come with double sided tape already attached. This project could have gotten pricey so I’m glad that we found them for such a low cost. Then insert the batteries into the pack. If you can’t find them at your Aldi, any local hardware store should have something similar.


Step 2

We first tested the colour of the lights to make sure they were white. White lights give the most natural outdoor type of lighting which is the best for doing makeup. We then test-laid the lights out around the mirror to make sure they would fit the way that we wanted them to. However, the lights are trimmable so if you so need to trim them, make sure you read the instructions because there are only certain places along the strip that you can cut!

Step 3

Remove the backing to the adhesive tape and start sticking it along your mirror. I stuck mine on the inner border of my mirror so that the strip wasn’t as visible. It turned out to be really effective because the mirror reflects the light, making it brighter. The battery pack also has an adhesive strip on it that I stick to my mirror.


However, don’t feel restricted to using this for a dressing table. This can be used inside a cupboard or a wardrobe, under cabinets in the kitchen for extra lighting, you could even line your hallway with this for people who get up at night as it has a motion-sensing setting.

I’m so pleased and proud of how this DIY turned out that I’d highly recommend it to anyone who is in need of some extra lighting.

Also, I intentionally took these photos in low lighting so you could see the full effects of the lights.

I hope you found this interesting or useful. Please let me know what you think or if you try it out!


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