Sailing Croatia: Korcula Town & Vela Luka


19601211_10156270331454256_3593198605276826598_n copy
Korcula: Korcula Town

We spent 2 days on the island of Korcula where we visited 2 different towns, Korcula town, and Vela Luka.

Korcula town was very small and quaint with the typical terracotta roof tiles and small alley ways. It was an incredibly windy little town which is partly what it’s known for. The alley ways are even designed in a certain way to direct the northerly wind out of the town and the cooler southerly wind in. They have plenty of bars and restaurants to choose from either along the sea or inside the alleys.

19642565_10156270330689256_2991521251309476575_n copy
Korcula: Korcula Town

In the image above towards the middle-left, you can see the top of a castle turret. This is actually a cocktail bar where you can even sit on the rooftop and they deliver cocktails to you by a pulley system. However, it’s quite a tourist attraction so the cocktails are very overpriced so I recommend going to some of the other bars or even restaurants to get drinks as the prices are far more reasonable.

DSC00746 copy
Korcula: Korcula Town
DSC00748 copy
Korcula: Korcula Town – The St Mark Bell Tower

I definitely suggest going up the bell tower for the best view of the town. But is very claustrophobic going up there to the point where 2 people can’t stand next to or pass each other.

19555028_10156270330409256_1652090447346997343_n copy
Korcula: Korcula Town – The St Mark Bell Tower
19260720_10156272057519256_2911016629479214706_n copy
Korcula: Dinner
19598603_10156270351244256_5214088496067068815_n copy
Korcula: Dinner

The next town is Vela Luke where the town surrounds the harbour. It’s a very pretty town on the island of Korcula.

DSC00760 copy
Korcula: Vela Luka
DSC00761 copy
Korcula: Vela Luka

We went up to the Vela Spila, a cave which required a very steep, uphill hike and although the distance wasn’t a lot, it was exhausting!


19642394_10156273509819256_5727818130855004531_n copy
Korcula Vela Luka cave


Although this town is very picturesque, I would say that it’s something that you can miss as there isn’t a lot to do here. There were some cute bars and ice cream shops but not a lot else.

Next Stop, Vis!


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