Sailing Croatia: Vis

Vis is another one of my more favourite islands. It’s the one that’s furthest away however it has so beautiful gems in and around it.

The group of us that had made friends on the boat all decided to hire scooters to get around the island which I highly highly recommend doing if you feel confident enough to drive it.

19701998_1584277508271959_5664786940647374969_n copy

We drove the bikes down a mountain along windy roads with beautiful scenery. The roads were very quiet which was great for us seeing as we were all first timers.

DSC00803 copy

We endeavoured on a mission to find the beautiful, secluded Sunken Cave beach that can only be accessed by boat or by foot. We parked the bikes at the top of the cliff and trekked about 30ish minutes down the gravel path of the steep cliff. I highly suggest wearing closed shoes for this! When we finally reached the bottom, I was surprised that such a secluded beach was so crowded… However, it was very stunning and didn’t have any sea urchins to worry about. The water was a bit cold though… Luckily the trek up the cliff is much easier and takes less than half the time. I’m so glad that we chose to do this because the experience of the bikes, the trek, and the beautiful beach was all so fun!

DSC00813 copy
Vis: Sunken Cave Beach
DSC00821 copy
Vis: Sunken Cave Beach
DSC00869 copy
Vis: Sunken Cave Beach

Another highlight of the island is the Blue Caves that are located near by. The caves appear so blue as the light reflects off the white sand from the outside and into the cave. The cave was originally only accessed by diving but then in the late 1800’s a man made hole was built so boats could enter. It is from the original entrance however that light enters and creates the iridescent blue glowing effect.

DSC00895 copy
Vis: Blue Caves
DSC00902 copy
Vis: Blue Caves

I would highly recommend visiting Vis (see what I did there 😉 )! It’s a naturally beautiful island that isn’t overly busy. I would have loved to spend an extra day here to relax and explore the island more.

Next stop, the party island of Hvar!


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