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Simple Glam Girls Oval Brushes


I’ve been so curious about oval brushes for a while now and they seem to be such a strange shape to hold and blend makeup with and they’re clearly much denser than the usual makeup brush. I’m so thankful that Simple Glam Girls reached out to me and offered to send me their rose gold set of 10 oval brushes to try out.

Screen Shot 2017-08-28 at 12.17.59 am

I’ve been testing out these brushes for a couple of weeks now and I’ve come to some conclusions.

The brushes look beautiful and very luxurious but once you get your hands on them, you can feel that they’re not. The rose gold part of the blush is a very bendy plastic so when you hold the brush by the handle and start blending in the foundation, you can feel it start to bend and if you apply too much pressure it’ll definitely snap. That’s why I need to use my index finger to support the head of the brush so there’s no pressure on the rose cold handle.  The brushes themselves are quite soft and very dense which is nice as these are how the brushes should be.

I only really like using these brushes for cream products as I find that they’re a bit too dense for most powders and I struggle to blend them out evenly.

I use the largest brush, A, for my foundation. I first used it with my Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless Foundation which is a very full coverage foundation. I found that the brushes were really ineffective when it came to blending out this foundation as the coverage was just too full to blend out. It would leave lines on my face of where the product was getting pushed around too. I next used my Australis Elixir Serum Foundation which is very runny and has sheer coverage. I found that the brush blended this foundation out really nicely where as a sponge would absorb the product as it’s so runny.

I tried to use brush B for my primer but I just found that I prefer to use my fingers to really warm it up and blend it into my skin. I also tried the B brush for my concealer under my eyes but I didn’t enjoy it at all. As soft as the bristles are, I find it to be too rough for under my eyes, especially as it’s a pulling motion. I’d rather use something gentler as the skin there is so sensitive. Also, I didn’t really like how it blended the concealer as the brush is too big to blend into my inner corner, and although I could just change brushes, I’d prefer to only use one and my makeup sponge is 1 tool that does it perfectly.

I like to use brush C for my cream blush as it’s a nice size for my cheeks. The blush that I use with it is the Australis Cheeky Tint blush. 

I like to use brush D for my cream contour as it’s a nice size to fit into my cheek bones. I use the Sportsgirl Contour Stick when using these brushes and I find that it can look a bit patchy after blending – more than what it would with my sponge but it is way quicker to blend with.

Brush E is perfect for highlighting whether it be cream or powder. However, be warned it makes your highlight VERY intense!

I tried to use brushes F & G for contouring my nose but I find that I just prefer my small angled Sigma brush. It blends out the products way better as it doesn’t leave any harsh lines.

Brushes I and J are great for inner corner and nose highlight as you can be really precise and they pick up a lot of product.

I found that these brushes were pretty much impossible to apply and blend eyeshadows with. They were very difficult to use which just made it all very not worth the effort. I’d rather use my usual fluffy brushes which are far more effective and they don’t tug at my eyelids like these ones do.

These brushes retail for $129.00AUD which is very overpriced in my opinion. If you’ve had experience with these sorts of brushes and you know that you like them and know how to use them, then sure go ahead. But for someone who hasn’t, I wouldn’t suggest splurging that kind of money. If you’re interested in the brand though, they sell a range of makeup brushes and tools that aren’t just the oval brushes.

Check out their website here!

*If you’d like 20% off on your purchase of something from the Simple Glam Girls website, you can use my code “alexiaeveblog”.

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