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Essence Eyebrow Stylist Set


I’ve been on the hunt for a cruelty-free dupe of my Maybelline Master Brow Palette. I loved that it’s a powder as it makes it really easy to use, gives a natural effect and leaves lots of room for error. If you’re a brow beginner, I highly recommend starting off with a powder. I had heard lots of good things from the Essence Brow Styling kit from various people, including youtuber, Shani Grimmond. So while Priceline was having their 40% off cosmetics sale, I decided to pick it up in the brunette shades.

It comes with 2 shades, a cool-toned lighter brown, and a very warm toned dark brown. The packaging is a bit odd and very cheap but for $5, what do you expect? It comes with a little brush (throw it away immediately), and brow stencils which are pretty random and a bit unnecessary in my opinion as everyone’s eyebrow shape is completely different. The 2 pans are sitting in a cheap, flimsy plastic which you slide out of the main packaging. It’s not the most convenient packaging because it’s a 2-step process to get to the product but as I said, it’s $5 so who cares.


Note: With this product, I’m still using my Revlon angled eyeliner brush that I mentioned in my previous brow post, and my Models Prefer Brow Fixer gel.

When I first started using this product, I used the dark brown shade as I have dark brown hair/eyebrows. But what I came to realise is that it has very warm/red undertones and it looked a little bit off on my brows.

Hence, I decided to use the lighter, cooler-toned brown and I realised it was quite a close match to the shade in my Maybelline brow kit which I had been using the whole time. Although it is a bit lighter than my natural hair colour, it blends in nicely and fills the gaps that I need to have filled. It’s definitely a more natural look compared to a pencil or pomade, but it’s what I’m after.


I’d say it’s slightly less pigmented than my Maybelline one so I need to tap back into the pan way more to pick up more product but considering it’s $5 and cruelty-free, I don’t mind.

Myself wearing the Essence Eyebrow Stylist Set

You can purchase this product from Priceline or their website for $5.10AUD. download ❤

I love finding hidden makeup gems at Priceline and other drugstores and being able to save my money to buy other things. So never just assume that because it’s cheap, it’s poor quality because that isn’t always the case!

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