Sailing Croatia: Hvar Town & Stari Grad

Our next stop was the party island of Hvar!

The arrival to the island was a bit awkward as there wasn’t room at the port for our boat to park. Which meant that we had to catch a taxi boat to the island at 2pm, and then we wouldn’t be able to access the boat till 8pm when it would be at the port. This just meant that it was awkward to try plan what to do from 2pm-8pm without going back to the boat at all.

19702536_10156284327884256_9051315538493802181_n copy
Hvar Town
19756608_10156284327419256_5605734643171209347_n copy
Hvar Town

As it was one the girls’ birthdays on the boat, we decided to start the bar hopping from 2pm for a long night ahead. I suggest trying to go to bars during their happy hour as it can get pretty pricey. Also, many of the popular bars such as Hula Hula beach bar are quite a walk away so keep that in mind and they can be very busy once you get there and hard to find a seat. Also, the drinks at the more popular places will be very expensive.

As for the island itself, it is very pretty but quite overrun by tourists as it was recently made famous by Beyonce and Prince Harry. It was probably one of my least favourite stops as it wasn’t as quaint and pristine as the other islands. Although many people love going to Hvar, I’d definitely say that Vis or Mljet are much more worth a visit.

19875317_1585682754798101_7175941634357589747_n copy
Hvar Town: My boyfriend and I

The next day we made our way around to the other side of Hvar island to a town called Stari Grad. Unlike Hvar Town, this town was beautiful and very quaint with lots of little alleyways, colourful walls, flowers and boutique shops and stalls. We absolutely loved spending the afternoon here and exploring this colourful place.

DSC00914 copy
Hvar: Stari Grad
DSC00916 copy
Hvar: Stari Grad
DSC00918 copy
Hvar: Stari Grad
DSC00922 copy
Hvar: Stari Grad
DSC00930 copy
Hvar: Stari Grad
DSC00945 copy
Hvar: Stari Grad
DSC00953 copy
Hvar: Stari Grad
DSC00960 copy
Hvar: Stari Grad
DSC00982 copy
Hvar: Stari Grad
DSC00969 copy
Hvar: Stari Grad

Lavender is the national flower of Croatia and they have lavender stalls everywhere. They even had lavender flavoured ice cream and it was surprisingly delicious!

DSC00970 copy
Hvar: Stari Grad – Lavender Stalls
DSC00933 copy
Hvar: Stari Grad – Lavender ice cream

This would be our last night of cruising on the boat.

DSC00988 copy
Our Sail Croatia Family


Next & Final Stop: Split


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