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Stila Eyes Are The Window: Mind Palette


I absolutely adore eyeshadow and I came to a realisation 10 months ago that I didn’t really have a variety of matte shadows. Pretty much every palette that I had was majority shimmer shades which can be hard to work with when I’m trying to build up my crease. Hence, I decided that I’d get this palette as it was entirely matte and I didn’t have any shades like them. Also, I’ve experienced Stila eyeshadows before so I knew the quality would be great. I also love the packaging of the palette itself as it has a large, clear mirror and 12 nicely sized eyeshadows.


The shades are gorgeous although now that I look at makeup far more critically than I did then, I can see some flaws. However, all of my “issues” with this palette are quite personal and subjective and are based on my colour preferences so keep that in mind.


I know the swatches look a bit patchy, and to be honest, they’re not the most buttery matte shades ever. But they blend nicely on the eye and are buildable.

My favourite shades from the palette are definitely “Understanding”, “Perception”, “Intellect” and “Wit”. They are the standout shades for me as I have nothing else quite like them.

My first issue with this palette is that some of the shades in the first column, “Imagination”, “brilliance” and “Genius” are all a bit too similar for my liking and I feel like just one of these shades would have done the job perfectly well (personally, I like Genius best).

My second issue is the shade “instinct”. It feels a bit out of place for me as a cool grey shade and isn’t one I’d ever use unless for a costume makeup look. I guess I have no other shade that’s similar so that’s a plus but still, I’m unlikely to use it.

One thing I do really like though, that I feel like others may not, is that the dark shades of the palette aren’t black or just dark brown. I think it’s so cool that instead, they’ve gone with a dark green and a dark purple to change things up a bit, especially seeing as I own so many blacks and dark browns. Also, as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I like darkening up my eyeshadow looks with shades that aren’t black so that it doesn’t look as intense.

Something else to add is that I don’t think this palette is ideal for beginners or people with a small makeup collection because it’s not the most versatile due to its lack of shimmer shades. Also, they take a little bit more effort to blend than some other shadows that I have (ie. Makeup Geek, Colour Pop, Too Faced) so a beginner could possibly find it difficult to work with. I’d recommend this palette either to those with a somewhat established makeup collection, who are just after more matte shades, or those who only really like to wear matte eyeshadows. In terms of creating a full look (out of matte shadows obviously), I think it’s definitely doable and you can achieve a really pretty matte look.


IMG_4278 (1)
Shades Used: Wit, Understanding, Intellect, Thinker, Genius


Shades Used: Perception
Shades Used: Perception



Shades Used: Genius, Wit, Intellect, Creativity, Brilliance

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