Sailing Croatia: Split + Trogir + Final Thoughts on the Cruise

Split was our last stop for the cruise and we began by participating in the optional activities. We had the choice of either ziplining or going for a walk through the town and me being the adrenaline junkie that I am… I obviously chose ziplining.

After a 30-minute bus trip, we arrived in the mountains, were given a quick crash course, and then we were off, zipping over the treetops. It was a really fun activity but didn’t actually give me any kind of adrenaline rush. I found it to be pretty chill, to be honest, but it was still fun and I’d highly recommend doing it.

Note: You’re not just hanging in there doing nothing when zipping. You’re required to break yourself and follow their instructions and you can’t break too soon because you could lose momentum etc. So be prepared to actually have to do stuff.


Split: Ziplining
Split: Ziplining
19756599_10156294500569256_3546046839714190150_n copy
Split: Ziplining

After the cruise ended, we stayed an extra night in Split to explore the town further.

So here’s the break down on Split:

It’s a very big city compared to anything else in Croatia. It’s where all the hustle and bustle is and where all the manufacturing and such occurs. I found it to be quite a dirty city and didn’t enjoy it as much as anywhere else that we visited. Within the castle walls in Split are plenty of restaurants and small shops. It was all very well kept in terms of the old buildings and cathedral.

If you’re within the castle walls, I recommend purchasing the package where you can go in the cathedral and up the bell tower as there are beautiful views.  HOWEVER!!! If you’re claustrophobic in any way, DO NOT GO UP THE BELL TOWER! The staircase to go up is very narrow and often queues are at a standstill because people can’t fit past each other.

DSC00992 copy
Split: The Cathedral’s Bell Tower
DSC00994 copy
Split: The Cathedral
DSC00997 copy
Split: View from the bell tower
DSC00999 copy
Split: View from the bell tower
DSC01002 copy
Split: View from the bell tower
DSC01010 copy

We later visited the town of Trogir which is near the airport in Split and quite a drive away from the main city. It’s a beautiful, quaint little town and looks much more like the other towns that we had previously visited on our cruise. I’d highly recommend visiting this town or even staying here.


DSC01026 copy
Trogir: Castle
DSC01030 copy


DSC01034 copy

Unfortunately, we weren’t in Split long enough to visit some of the more famous sites such as the Krka National Park or the Blue Lagoon. If I ever were to find myself in Split again, these are two places that I’d definitely like to visit.

If you’re caught between whether to visit Split or Dubrovnik, I’d 100000% recommend Dubrovnik (old town). The people are friendlier, it’s much prettier and cleaner, and Montenegro is only a short drive away.

Overall, the Sail Croatia Explorer cruise was A+! I pretty much can’t fault it. We were lucky to get a great group of people on the boat and made friends really easily. The staff were super friendly and so much fun to be around. The rooms were spacious (for a boat) and very clean. The meals were probably the best part… not going to lie. Breakfast was a buffet where they had a variety of hot and cold foods. But lunch!! OMG lunch!! Lunch was a 3-course meal every day prepared on board by the chefs. Every day was something different and delicious. I eat a vegan diet and I was a bit concerned about how they would go cooking for me, as Europeans love their meat and cheese but it was honestly the best vegan food that I’ve ever had in my entire life. Each day they were creative and gave me something delicious. I was so happy. Something else to note is that I took my own soy milk on board and they happily used it and kept it aside for me which was great.

The only room for improvements that I noticed was that wifi was only in the lounge/dining room. I personally would have rather had wifi in the bedrooms because then I could be antisocial without feeling bad about it. Whereas as at the dining tables, I would have rather socialised instead of checking my phone. Also, a paper itinerary would have been appreciated rather than having it announced to us each day as we quickly forgot half the information that we were given.

But I’d highly recommend this cruise to anyone and I’d say it’s the best way to see Croatia.

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