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Sportsgirl Contour Stick


I’ve been really getting into cream products recently and I’ve been trying to scout a contour stick that isn’t too expensive for ages. I heard good things about this product from Youtuber and influencer, Sammy Robinson who is the queen of cream(makeup products). Her skin always looks so beautiful, natural and radiant as she is not only blessed but predominantly uses cream products. She’s mentioned this contour stick in a couple of her videos and has said that it’s her favourite drugstore/cheaper contour stick. Hence, I decided to pick it up and give it a go.

The packaging feels very nice and sturdy but definitely doesn’t feel particularly fancy or high end. Basically, you can tell that it was cheap. But it does the job so it’s fine. Also, an actual “issue” that I have is how big the stick is. It makes it quite difficult to use as I either have to use the edge of the stick or dot it. Although it doesn’t make it impossible to use, it just kind of defeats the purpose of a contour stick- that you can draw precise lines all around your face. But then there’s always the option of applying the product to your brush or sponge first and then applying it to your face for more precision.

As far as I know, this product only comes in one shade which is a huge shame as it definitely wouldn’t compliment all skin tones. It works well for me and I really like it even though I would have preferred something a bit cooler, this still looks good. It warms up my face really nicely and looks really natural. However, it sometimes goes on a bit patchy and sometimes it doesn’t and I’m still trying to work out what causes it – the foundation, the sponge, my skin etc.

Below is a bunch of photos of myself wearing them. The way my skin looks differs depending on the camera that I took the photo with.

Sportsgirl contour stick worn without a contour powder – taken on iPhone 5
Sportsgirl contour stick worn without a contour powder – taken on Samsung Galaxy S8
Sportsgirl contour stick worn with a contour powder – taken on iPhone 5
Sportsgirl contour stick worn with a contour powder – taken on Samsung Galaxy S8

Now I’ve come to realise that this product may be discontinued as I can’t find it on the Sportsgirl website… but they do have a stick bronzer which could potentially be similar.

download ❤

But if you take anything away from this post, take this: you can find makeup gems anywhere. The price tag doesn’t always determine the quality of the product. Just because a foundation is $60 from Sephora, that doesn’t make it good or just because a foundation is $15 from the drugstore, that doesn’t make it bad. So always read reviews, swatch products in the store, give things a go and you never know what incredible products that you come across.

I have to really applaud Sportsgirl though because they have really stepped up their makeup game. I have some old palettes of theirs from about 3 years ago and they are awful and chalky. If I go into their store today, those same palettes are smooth, buttery and pigmented. They have listened to their consumer’s demands and responded which I think is great!


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