Magnificent Montenegro

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As we were spending 2 days in Dubrovnik, we decided to use one of the days to drive to Montenegro as it’s only a couple hours away. We were lucky that our airport taxi driver offered to drive us and give us a private tour of the towns of Montenegro and he was fantastic. He even hired a Mercedes van to drive us in so the 4 of us weren’t squished up in a 5 seater car. He was so knowledgeable and new all the hot spots to take us to so we were very fortunate.

We left Dubrovnik at 7am to beat the traffic which I highly recommend doing!

Montenegro is definitely one of the most beautiful countries (if not THE most beautiful country) that I’ve ever been to and I highly recommend going. We only visited the coastal towns including Perast, Budva, Kotor, St Stephan and Port Montenegro which was a perfect day trip. Everything was just so quaint and picturesque, it was hard to believe my eyes. I also loved that it wasn’t that touristy but I know tourism will start to boom there soon enough so I’m very thankful that I went when I did. I’m not going to say too much more to just let the photos speak for themselves instead.

DSC00541 copy
Montenegro: Perast
DSC00543 copy
Montenegro: Perast
DSC00547 copy
Montenegro:  Perast
DSC00552 copy
Montenegro: Perast
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DSC00574 copy
Montenegro: Budva
DSC00577 copy
Montenegro: Island of St Stephan

St Stephan is a private island with a hotel on it. Unless you’re staying at the hotel, you can’t even cross the bridge to reach the island. It’s also where Novak Djokovic got married.

DSC00596 copy
Montenegro: Port Montenegro

DSC00645 copy

In Port Montenegro, we came across a family with this tiny little Cocker Spaniel pup and she was just the cutest thing I had ever seen in my life so I couldn’t not include her. This photo doesn’t even do justice to how small she was. Ugh, I’m still so obsessed.


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