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My Christmas Makeup Wishlist

Be prepared for the first of many more Christmas posts…

I personally enjoy hearing/reading about what other people have on their wishlist to give me ideas of what I may want and to hear about new products that I may not have known about. And also, Hey friends and family! If you want ideas as to what to gift me, here you go! 😉

Anastasia Beverly Hills Matte Lipstick: Buff



So my life mission is to find a cruelty free dupe to Mac’s Velvet Teddy. It’s my all-time favourite lipstick and shade and seeing as I’m transitioning to an all cruelty-free collection, I’d love to still have shade/lipstick like it. Hence, you can imagine how I started bursting with excitement when I heard Talia Mar on YouTube say that it looked just like it. Unfortunately, I don’t think this product has reached Australia yet but hopefully, it will soon.

It retails for $18USD which is cheaper than a Mac lipstick so I’m very happy with that.

The Balm: Bonnie-Lou Manizer



I love the formula of The Balm’s Lou Manizers but I’ve always found the Mary-Lou Manizer to be too light for my skin tone. So now that The Balm has released a slightly more golden/champagne shade I really want it as I think it will be perfect!

I assume this product will retail for the same price as the Mary-Lou Manizer which is $29.95AUD. This is a great price for such a high-quality highlighter.

Morphe 35B Palette


Now I never really looked twice at this palette until a friend of mine bought it and I realised that for a colourful look this is all you need. Don’t let it intimidate you. A lot of these shades are quite wearable and for any coloured look that you may wish to do, this has your crease shade, outer V shade and shimmer shade for that particular colour. I recently used it for my Halloween Mermaid look and I was so happy with the colours, pigmentation and quality of the palette.

Even though Morphe is very inexpensive, the international shipping from the Morphe website is basically as much as the palette itself, hence why I purchase Morphe from beauty bay. It retails for $39AUD which is just over $1 a shadow!


tarte splash lipstick: Still deciding on a shade

Colour Pop Super Nova Liquid Shadow


I was super excited when I saw that Colour Pop released liquid eyeshadows as it means Stila finally has some competition for their Magnificent Metals (which I still really want) and I know Colour Pop is a high quality, low-cost brand that is yet to disappoint me.
What I love about the liquid eyeshadow product is that you get all the glam and sparkle of a glitter pigment or loose glitter, without any of the mess or glitter glue! They’re so quick and easy to use which I love! From what I’ve heard, the Colour Pop Super Nova Liquid Shadows are slightly less glittery and more metallic (-1 to Colour Pop), but the colour range is so different to Stila’s and so unique overall (+1 to Colour Pop) that there are a few shades that I’m after anyway: “Walk of Fame” and “Hard to Empress”. “Moonlit” is also definitely very cool, but not something I’d reach for a lot so I’ll leave it for now.



bunny-logo_web-small❤ None of these products are tested on animals ❤

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