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Colour Pop Super Shock Shadows pt.2


In case you haven’t read it, here’s a link to my previous Super Shock Shadow blog post.

As I said then, I love the formula of these shadows, especially for super metallic/glittery shadows. Since then, I did a haul and bought a few more…

Sequin – Ultra Glitter


This is apparently one of Colour Pop’s best sellers and I can see why. It’s very glittery and adds a great pop on the lid. It’s a beautiful pink shade with a peachy undertone and rose gold glitter throughout. However, I’m a bit disappointed that it’s not as glittery as Nillionaire. When this shadow arrived at my house it had a crack through it and was broken. Luckily, because these shadows are so soft and creamy, they can easily be pressed back into position. The Colour Pop FAQ explains how to do this.


Muse – Ultra Metallic


This shade may look quite similar to Sequin, but the finish is completely different. It has less rose gold glitter throughout it which makes the pink show through much more and looks a bit less peachy.

Flipper – Metallic


I bought this shade on a bit of a whim. I saw it in a makeup tutorial and I just thought it was such a unique shade that would be beautiful in the summertime. I’m yet to wear it to its full potential but I’m still excited to.

Funny story about this shade… I depotted it and put it in a Z-palette because I hate the packaging that it’s currently in. It’s big and bulky and takes up so much room. But, little did I know, this bulky and inconvenient packaging serves a purpose. When these shadows aren’t in an airtight seal, they will dry out. and that’s what happened to this shade. Especially because I took it to Greece, it dried out in the hot climate. So yeah, don’t do what I did. If anyone has any advice for me, I’d love to know.

Drift – Satin


This shadow also broke when it arrived at my house and I was able to fix it the same way as I did with Sequin.  I like this shade quite a bit, but it’s pretty similar to some pressed shadows that I have so had I known that I probably wouldn’t have bought it. It’s a very pretty lid shade that it far more subtle than any of the more glittery ones, which is nice for slightly more casual occasions.

Paradox – Matte


I purchased this shade as I was in the need of a hot pink matte shade, at the time. It’s such a cool pink shade with a blueish undertone and is nothing like anything that I already have. I must say, I don’t love the super shock shadow creamy formula for matte shades. This is the kind of shade that I’d want to blend into my crease and I just find these really difficult to use with a brush. I much prefer just sticking with shimmery shades for this sort of formula.
Note: This shade is vegan

download ❤

All of these shades retail for $5USD which is a fantastic price and it’s hard not to go overboard. I’d highly recommend any of the more glittery shadows as they’re great for all over the lid.

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