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The Body Shop Face Masks


I’ve heard so many great things about these masks and I wanted to try them for myself. When I went in store to choose one, the shop assistant was kind enough to give me some samples which lead me to the idea of trying them all and sharing how they reacted with my skin and how I found them to be.

For reference, I have normal/combination skin where I have an oily T-zone, normal cheeks and a dry forehead. Generally, I go for hydrating, rejuvenating, brightening or perfecting type of face masks.

Face masks are so crucial to my skin care as everyday pollutants in the air, dirt and oil can get into my pores and negatively affect my skin in the form of pimples. A daily cleanser isn’t always enough to deeply clean and refresh my skin, hence the benefit of masks.

The packaging of these maks is beautiful and so luxurious as it’s in a glass container. I love that they all match with only the bright colours differentiating them.

Amazonian Acai Mask

This mask feels so refreshing to apply as it’s a fresh, jelly consistency and smells fruity. It’s very comfortable on the skin as it doesn’t dry down. I forgot I was wearing it towards the end of the 15 minutes. When I first tried this mask, I felt a light stinging/tingling feeling on my cheek bones so I’m not sure what to make of that as I’m not allergic to anything (that I know of). The second time that I tried the mask I felt no such sensation so I’m not sure what to think. But my skin does feel very refreshed and radiant afterwards which I love so I’m definitely open to trying this again and possibly purchasing it.

Charcoal Mask

Charcoal masks are designed to draw out oils and impurities in the skin and unclog pores. This mask could definitely be too harsh for some skin types but I personally love it. It tingles my face as I apply it but in a good way. It’s like I can feel the ingredients activating. After 15 minutes it hardens and is ready to be removed. From the first time I tried it, I noticed a difference. A pimple by my nose had surfaced as that’s one of my more oily areas. I think I’ll be using this mask more on my T-zone than my whole face as that’s where I’m more oily. It could also be a great spot mask though if you feel that a pimple will surface.

Japanese Matcha Tea Mask

This mask is designed to clear pollutants from the skin which sounds great to me. It has a very fresh, grassy smell rather than the usual matcha scent. It’s a very creamy consistency that dries down a little, but not much. Like the Acai mask, I felt a bit of tingling when I first applied it, but not in a good way. I’ve experienced an allergic reaction before(from a random spa in Vietnam), all over my face and it wasn’t anything as bad as that but in a few areas, it felt similar which is concerning. Problem is, I don’t know what I’m allergic to and I never normally have issues with products. When I took the mask off I did notice some redness between my brows and on my temples but that faded pretty quickly. I’ll try it again and see if it happens again.
Second time, it didn’t tingle or sting at all which is good but confusing to my situation. My face feels very soft and hydrated which I love.

British Rose Mask

Finally!! Another face mask that I’m not allergic to! This one didn’t make my skin tingle, or get red and inflamed at all so that’s already a win. This mask is a similar gel consistency to the Acai mask which I really like. It has a very pleasant rose scent which I really like (and I don’t normally like the smell of rose). It felt super hydrating on my skin which I really like and I love that it’s a plumping mask. I have quite a few fine lines on my face so I’m hoping this will help.

Ethiopian Honey Mask

This mask has a bit of a funky smell which is nothing like Honey, but if you can get past the smell, it feels really nice on the skin. It’s made to hydrate and rejuvenate the skin and I can definitely say that mine felt great afterwards.

Chinese Ginseng & Rice Mask

This mask is one of the more thick and chunky ones and has a pretty strong smell. It’s designed to “brighten and revitalise the skin with an intense treatment to remove dullness and unevenness. Pores will be minimised and skin will feel and look velvety smooth” which sounds perfect to me. This mask felt really good on and left my skin feeling really smooth after. I was warned not to use this mask too frequently or without moisturising after so I’m passing that on.

The Body Shop’s website is great as it gives so much information about the maks, explains the multi-masking technique and how certain combos will work as well as other products of theirs that combine well with the masks. So if you’re unsure about which mask to get and how they work, I highly recommend checking it out. Also, be sure to go in-store and try them on the back of your hand, or grab a sample to try at home to make sure that it reacts well to your skin.

Overall I think I’m most likely to purchase the British Rose mask or the Amazonian Acai or the Japanese Matcha.


These masks retail for $35AUD from The Body Shop and considering you get 75ml of product that’s of such great quality, I think that’s a great price. But if it’d a bit out of your budget, keep a look out for a sale as The Body Shop often have them.

Disclaimer: the photo used in this post isn’t my own as I obviously don’t own every single mask to be able to take this photo. It was taken from the Body Shop Website.

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