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Hourglass Vanish Stick Foundation


My beautiful boyfriend bought this for me while he was in America back in August so I’ve been testing it out for a fair while. The thing that made me most interested in this product was the satin finish that I had heard everyone rave about. I love a satin finish because it looks the most skin-like in my opinion, which is what I like. So far I’ve only used this foundation for more “special” occasions as I’m very aware that stick products can wear away pretty quickly and as this was kinda pricey ($67AUD), I want it to last.

For reference, I have pretty normal skin but my T-zone can get a bit oily throughout the day. I bought the shade “light beige”.


I apply it directly to my face from the stick and just put strokes all over my face. When using a beauty blender to apply it, it can take a bit of time because the product isn’t a liquid. This is how I applied it the first few times and it definitely works and looks nice but I had to go in with a second layer in some areas because I think it soaks up a bit of the product. More recently when I used the foundation, I decided to use my Simple Glam Girls oval brush as it’s the only foundation brush that I have, and I thought a brush could be easier to apply it with…and I was definitely correct. After using the brush to blend it in I would just go over it all with my sponge just to make it all seamless and I loved the finish and how it blended – I’ll definitely be doing this again.

I love the finish of this foundation and I’ve been really happy with each wear. Other products apply beautifully over the top EXCEPT for the LA Girl Pro Concealers which took off my foundation under my eyes. You’ve been warned.
I get really bad fine lines on my forehead and smile lines and they are a nightmare for almost every foundation as most sink in straight away (as in while I’m still doing my makeup). This one doesn’t crease and sink in too quickly but at some point in the night/day is does a little bit which isn’t ideal so I think people with drier skin than me could really struggle with it. Also, because of the satin finish, it may not be ideal for oily skin although my oils don’t haven’t come through too badly each time I’ve worn it.

Below are some photos of each time that I’ve worn the foundation (please excuse the fact that the camera quality changes).





Overall, if you have a similar skin type to me then I’d definitely recommend this foundation. I love it. I wouldn’t necessarily repurchase it myself, but I’d definitely ask for it as a gift. As mentioned, this product retails for $67AUD which is on the pricey side but it’s just how the brand is priced. You can purchase it from Mecca.

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