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Sukin Charcoal Facial Scrub


I love the Sukin brand and I think their values and ethics are fantastic! If you don’t know, Sukin is an Australian brand that uses natural ingredients, don’t test on animals, is completely vegan and is very affordable.

I had been using the Original Sukin Facial Scrub for quite a while and really enjoying it (see blog post here), so when it ran out I was keen to try the same thing in their Charcoal line. Unfortunately, I found this product very disappointing as unlike the original, it has a weird slimy texture and far less exfoliating grains in it. Also, I feel like there is such a tiny amount of charcoal that it really doesn’t do anything to help my skin or balance oils as it claims to.

In terms of charcoal products, I’m much more into masks as I feel as though the charcoal has time to activate and work on the skin which I can often feel through a tingling sensation.

I disliked this product so much that I wasn’t even bothered to finish it and now I’m back on the original line which I definitely prefer. Hence, I wouldn’t recommend this particular product but Sukin have so many more amazing ones that are definitely worth a try!

This product retails for $13.99AUD and you can purchase Sukin products from Priceline or Chemist Warehouse.

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