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Face Halo Review


I was super excited when Chloe Morello shared the Face Halo on her Youtube channel in August 2017. I love the concept of ONLY using a simple cloth-like product that’s gentle on the skin and reusable. I definitely believe it’s about time that makeup wipes are eliminated from our routine as they are so damaging to the environment as they take 1000 years to decompose which is far too long. I decided to try out this product as it seemed like a win-win-win-win: inexpensive in the long run, better for your skin, better for the environment and easy to travel with.

I received the Face Halo pack as a gift at Christmas time and I’ve been testing it out and using it since then.


Unfortunately for me, I was devastated to realise that it didn’t work for me as it had been advertised and to make matters worse, I seem to be the only person on the planet that has this problem. To be fair, it does remove my face makeup ok, but not my eye makeup. I found that holding the wet halo against the eye for 20 seconds or so helped but not a lot. Basically, it does not remove my mascara at all, to remove my other eye makeup I have to rub really hard and it just hurts my eye.

BUT I refused to go back to wipes so started to use the Face Halo on my face and my Dermalogica pre-cleanse balm (which is the most phenomenal makeup remover in the world) on my eyes which I then wipe off with the Face Halo.

Now, I’ve started using pure organic coconut oil as a makeup remover to break up all of the makeup, and then I remove it with a Face Halo and then cleanse.

At the end of the day, it isn’t as simple as they advertised it to be (at least for me), but it does substitute my use of wipes which is good enough for me.

I also use my Face Halo to wipe off face masks


I wash it each time I use it with the Rituelle coconut oil soap as it’s all natural so there aren’t any harsh chemicals and it works really well. Then, every couple of weeks I’ll put it through the washing machine with no fabric softener (as it would coat the microfibers).

In saying this, one of my face halos is still stained from a liquid lipstick even though I’ve put it through the wash twice and I can’t get them to look as white as fluffy as they first did (even though people in Instagram miraculously can)



I love the idea of this product as I love the positive impact that it will have on the environment. It’s time for everyone to start making more ethical decisions about the products that they use day-to-day.

I wish this product worked better for me but I’m content with the way I’m using it for now. I just can’t understand why I’m the only person in the world experiencing this!!!

The Face Halo retails for $30AUD ($22USD) and can be purchased from Priceline or their website.

I’d definitely suggest giving it a go and trying to make it work for you because it’s definitely do-able and benefits the environment.

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