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Fenty Match Stix


When Sephora recently had their 40% sale on certain products, I was pleasantly surprised to find that certain Fenty Match Stix were included. They were always a product that I wanted to try but was reluctant since I wasn’t overly familiar with cream face products, but I’ve been enjoying having my makeup look really creamy and dewy recently. Thus, I picked up Starstruck for a highlight, Yacht Lyfe for a blush and Truffle as a contour.  I chose not to purchase the concealer since there weren’t many great reviews and it seemed pretty drying for my liking.


Since purchasing the Match Stix, I use them almost every time that I do my makeup, especially if it’s a more natural look. Of the 3 Match Stix, my favourite is by far Yacht Lyfe which I  use as a blush. It gives the most beautiful peachy-gold glow which I love. I apply Yacht Lyfe directly onto my cheek from the stick and then blend it out with a flat top kabuki brush (Sigma F80), which I’ll then go over with a beauty blender to ensure that it’s blended properly.


I use Starstruck as a highlighter which I apply with my finger as it allows the product to warm up from my fingers which then makes it blend easier. I do this as I read a lot of reviews saying that this shade, in particular, pulls off foundation and products underneath it when it’s applied directly onto the skin from the stick. I find that when I use my finger to apply it and then use a beauty blender to blend it out, it applies nicely.


As for my contour stick in Truffle, I began applying directly from the stick by doing the typical contour lines around the face which I then blended out with my flat top kabuki brush and beauty blended. This method did work, but I decided to change it upon watching Nikkie Tutorials’ recent video with Priscilla Ono who is the official Fenty Beauty makeup artist. She explained how she preferred to apply the contour by putting the product onto a brush first and then build it up on the skin that way. She explained that this saves product and time in the application which really appealed to me. Since then, I’ve been using this method which works really well for me.


Also since her video, she demonstrated how to use the concealers properly and now I’m really interested in them. I’ll potentially purchase one if they go on sale again. I’d highly suggest watching that video if you’re interested in any Fenty Beauty products.

Overall, I’d really recommend these Fenty Beauty Match Stix if you’re interested in cream face products. I do think though, that cream products aren’t ideal for beginners as they can be hard to work with and take time.

Also fun fact, these Match Stix can never dry out, even if you lose the lid. You can just rub it on the back of your hand to warm it up and get it going again and it’s as good as new!

These products retail for $37AUD and can be purchased from Sephora or Fenty Beauty. I’d suggest waiting for a sale as they are a bit pricey.

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