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Wet n’ Wild MegaCushion Foundation


I purchased this foundation after hearing the Queen of the beauty community, Tati, talk and rave about it in her channel. I liked the idea of a glowy finish that doesn’t have very high coverage. It’s my first cushion product so I was a bit sceptical, but after reading and watching so many great reviews, I decided to purchase it in the shade”Nude Beige”.


The packaging design is very cutsie and a bit childish. I think Wet n’ Wild’s brand image would greatly benefit from redesigning it to be a more sleek and sophisticated design. In terms of the functionality of the package, it works really well. It has a small mirror and a secondary lid in the package to seal the foundation and protect it from going dry. The product also comes with an applicator sponge which I prefer not to use, instead, I use a beauty blender sponge.


I love the application of this product, it feels really cooling on the skin and has a really nice scent (it reminds me of sunscreen but this could be a turn-off for some people). It applies beautifully and evenly on the skin and leaves a healthy glow that I really love. I often wear this foundation with really casual looks and more glam looks.

I know people have said that there are cons with cushion foundations such as drying up and product waste. I haven’t experienced any kind of drying up but I do agree that there probably is quite a bit of waste as I do need to press my sponge into the cushion quite a bit.

This product retails for $8.99USD which is an amazing price for a foundation and I’d highly recommend picking it up if you’re after a glowy, dewy, healthy finish. It can be purchased online from their website, or Ulta and other drugstores in the US.

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