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2019 Project Pan


For those who may not know, a project pan is where one chooses products that they’d like to make an effort to finish and use up in order to either have a more curated and manageable makeup collection or because they’ll soon expire and should be used. I’ve been inspired by Youtuber, Kelly Gooch who is doing her own project pan for the third year in a row to do my own. I know this concept could be really hard to grasp. Even I originally thought “why would I want to use up a product so quickly when I spent so much money on it?”. But the idea of holding onto things and not using them is wasteful anyway as it means that you’re not getting your money’s worth because you’re not enjoying it each day. Further, as trends are always changing, if you’re anything like me, you like to have the new product releases. Finishing products also allow more space to be made to have new products.

So anyway, the products that are part of my 2019 project pan are…


I’ve been loving this product and I’m almost halfway through. It’s definitely one that I’ll repurchase in the future but maybe not right away as there are a few other primers that I’m enjoying at the moment.


This is a product that I mostly use in the Summer but still enjoy all year round. It has a light, glowy finish which I really like. It’s pretty much finished and I already have another one as a back up so I’d like to finish this first one off.


I’ve really enjoyed using this concealer and I like it for day-to-day considering that it’s drugstore and really affordable. Again, I have a back up already so I’d like to begin using it.


I’ve hit a pretty big pan on this product and it’s quickly getting bigger. Again, I think I’ll eventually repurchase this product but right now I’m enjoying a different one.


I’ve been using this product for a while now and I’d like to just finish it already before it goes bad and so I can use more of my other mascaras. I’ll definitely be repurchasing it at some point as I love this mascara.


This is one of my favourite highlighters and it’s the only one that I’ve made a bit of a dent in. It’s the product that I’m most doubtful of that I’ll finish by the end of the year, but we shall see.


I’m just over halfway done with this product and considering that I struggle to store setting sprays, I’d really like to start finishing some. I love a glowy finish so I really think I’ll enjoy using this product.


I figured since it’s my first time I’d start small, but I’ll be replacing each product with another as I finish them. I’ll also try to do monthly updates on how these are tracking.

bunny-logo_web-smallAll of these products are cruelty-free ❤

If you’ve ever done a project pan, or are interested in sustainability and living a sustainable lifestyle, I’d love for you to let me know of your experiences.






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